The best photos from the Olympics: Vol. 3

Before you pack up your spirit and interesting in all things Olympics, take one more gander at what we just saw unfold across the pond. The photos from the Games have simply been ridiculously unimaginable. Again, huge credit to all the men and women who captured some of the most beautiful shots I've ever seen.

If you missed the prior two installments, Volume 1 is here and Volume 2 here. And if you enjoy moving pictures, our inventory of the best GIFs of the Olympics is a must-see as it gets.

And now, the final batch. Off you go.

Mo Farah, left, and Usain Bolt striking each other's signature poses. Winnar. (Getty Images)
The U.S. women's national soccer team is a downright joy. Imagine if more sports team were like this. (Getty Images)
Japan's Ryota Yamagata has a grip prior to the men's 4x100m relay heats. The baton weighs 12 ounces. (US Presswire)
One of my five favorite shots in this set. That's Saudi Arabia's Sarah Attar in the women's 800. Attar actually attends Pepperdine and is better in long distance races. I don't know why she was pushed to run the 800. (AP/Anja Niedringhaus)
Bolt takes a second after winning gold in the 200 meters. (US Presswire)
Olympics. (via Mike Hughes on Twitter)
When cellphone technology can't keep up with modern athletes. A faulty photo turns into something ghostly and absolutely fantastic. Yeah, that's Bolt in front in the 200 final. (via Charles Robinson on Twitter)
It's one thing to have a personality as an athlete, but to have this one and be the most popular Olympian in the world? It's why Bolt is so rare -- and that goes beyond his unprecedented speed. (Getty Images)
Check it out. What looks weird about this? It's the fraternity of decathletes. Where else will you see all participants pose for a post-event photo? Special understanding of the sacrifice here, I think. Nothing but pride. Love the shot. (Getty Images)
Ricardo Roberty Moreno of Venezuela gets a gash from Guinea-Bissau's Augusto Midana in the 74Kg wrestling match. The detail that surprised me from Olympic wrestling? Check it. No ear protectors. (Reuters)
This one cracks me up because it's just him. No one in sight. Posing on the big stage. Again. (US Presswire)
Totally overboard with Bolt and I don't care. Here's the clicking crowd awaiting him after every race. (US Presswire)
Noeml Batki's body reacts to the velocity of her 10-meter fall in the diving competition. (Getty Images)
Those are five different rhythmic gymnasts. This photo has not been doctored. (Getty Images)
This combination of eleven photos shows in the center frame, United States' Ashton Eaton being embraced by his fiancee Brianne Theisen after running the 1,500/winning gold in the decathlon. The other ten frames show Eaton competing in the ten disciplines that comprise the decathlon event over two days. From top left, clockwise: the long jump, shot put, high jump, 400-meter run, 110-meter hurdles, pole vault, 1500-meter run, 100-meter run, javelin and discus. (AP)
Ashton, the shot put is behind you. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
Awesome, opportunistic shot. So, who is this holding the American flag? Well ... (Getty Images)
There she is. Allyson Felix following her cruise in the 200 final that gave her gold. Felix won three golds in all. (Getty Images)
Wrapped up in red, white and blue -- and you. Jason Richardson, right, and Carmelita Jeter take a victory lap after finishing second in the men's 110m hurdles and women's 200m, respectively. (US Presswire)
The handball team from France that won a gold takes a moment to channel their inner Bolt. (Getty Images)
South Korea's Hwang Woojin and his horse, Shearwater Oscar, in a terrifying moment. The horse bucked after the starting bell sounded to start their run in the equestrian show jumping stage of the men's modern pentathlon. (AP/Markus Schreiber)
Katie Taylor, the female boxer who stopped a country when she fought. She took the first gold medal for the Irish since 1996. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
Don't we all believe this is how John McEnroe looks whenever he's not on a television camera? (US Presswire)
Butt of course. (Getty Images)
This is what I'm talking about. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
Russian racewalker Sergey Kirdyapkin wins not only the 50km -- he also must know something we all don't. If only this racewalk wasn't so niche and late into Olympic competition; we could've had a nice meme going. (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)
The hypnotic nature of rhythmic gymnastics gets me again. (Getty Images)
I can only hope this shot wasn't witness to a heartless drowning from a crazed British laser sailor. (Getty Images)
You can't tell me that hair belongs to this man and not the horse he's riding on. I've made up my mind. (AP/Dmitry Lovetsky)
I've looked at this picture long enough that now all I'm seeing is raw chickens dancing in the water. (US Presswire)
Li-Cheng Tseng, in blue, and Andrea Paoli compete in women's taekwondo 57kg quarterfinal. (US Presswire)
American Morgan Uceny amid the cleat attack after she was tripped up a few hundred meters from the finish line in the 1,500 final. Uceny ... did not take it well. (US Presswire)
See. As I said, Uceny did not take it well. Her instinctive temper tantrum/frustrated explosion of emotion was some sort of scene. She's trying to find peace now, though. (US Presswire)
I'd like to believe this is what it feels like when holding a pole vault and going through the run-up. (Getty Images)
Allyson Felix down the stretch of the 200. My favorite shot in this gallery. Looks like a watercolor painting. (Getty Images)
And finally, a few of the closing ceremony. (AP)
London got some jocular barbs for its opening and closing shows, but all in all, I thought they were pretty good. (AP)
If you try and count all the colors you'll be stuck on this photo all day. It's booteeful. (AP)
And that should about do it. Bravo, Brits. On to Sochi. (AP)
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