The seeding for the Tokyo Games soccer event was announced Friday, with the 28 teams that qualified on the men and women's side set to find out who their opening opponents will be in the coming week. The teams are divided with 16 sides in the men's competition, and 12 in the women's.

For the men, the allocation is based on a ranking system based on how teams have performed in the past five Olympic competitions -- Rio de Janeiro, London, Beijing, Athens and Sydney -- though more recent performances are given more weight.

The women, meanwhile, have their pots determined from the FIFA Women's World Ranking that was released on Friday. Something that remains the same, meanwhile, is that Japan's national team will take the lead spot in both groups.

As FIFA's website states, the goal for this competition's draw is "to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same confederation." The men will kick off their tournament at Tokyo Stadium, with the Japanese men's team playing first, while the women will compete in the new Olympic Stadium, the location of the opening and closing ceremonies. The draw itself will happen this upcoming Wednesday (April 21).

Of course, this is all under the assumption that the Tokyo Games will happen. Japanese officials on Thursday said that there's still a possibility that COVID-19 could lead to the cancelation of this international competition.