VIDEO: See what it's like to ski Sochi downhill course

Ever wonder what it would look like to be an Olympic skier flying down the downhill course in Sochi? Wonder no more.

Former Olympic skiier and BBC commentator Graham Bell braved the Rosa Khutor course without poles in his hands but instead a camera, all the while providing commentary while hurtling down the mountain. It's kind of terrifying.

Something to keep in mind when you watch this video; Bell's not going all that fast. In competition, the skiers are exceeing speeds of 80 mph and catching some huge air on the jumps throughout the course. That's a scary thought.

Before the men's downhill was completed on Sunday, American star Bode Miller described the Khutor Rosa course as one that could kill. He meant that literally.

"You saw Marco. It looks an innocuous place and there's nothing there, but he almost killed himself. If that crash doesn't go just the way it went, he goes flying through nets going 75 mph straight into the trees. This is one of those things that if you are not totally focussed and paying attention, this course can kill you."

Bell wasn't that dissimilar in his review of the course, calling it one of the most testing and demanding Olympic courses he has ever skied.

Good to know what it looks like, but we'll take the chair lift down the mountain, thank you.

H/t Eric Adelson

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