WATCH: J.C. Penney remakes Blackstreet's hit with 'Go Ligety'

Good luck to Olympic sponsors trying to top this spot because J.C. Penney just set the bar extremely, extremely high. 

The clothing store created a two-minute spoof off the 1996 Blackstreet classic “No Diggity,” remixing an Olympic version titled “No Ligety,” a nod to U.S. Olympic alpine skier Ted Ligety.

The chorus, sung by original Blackstreet member C. Black, is quite similar to the original. 

“I like the way you work it, go Ligety, you’ve got to round it up.”

The “round it up” is a request for J.C. Penney customers to donate to the USOC. 

Ligety, a 2006 gold medalist and a specialist in the giant slalom, is one of 13 returning gold medal winners on Team USA. 

Good luck getting this tune out of your head. We're confident you're not that upset about it. 

(h/t NBC)

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