WATCH: Polish skier finishes downhill race on one ski to take last place

When life hands you lemons, you have to make it down a hill on one ski. OK, that doesn't sound right, but Polish skier Pawel Babicki pulled off an impressive feat in a downhill race in Italy, losing his ski and finishing the run. Sure, he finished 67th out of 67 competitors, but with a handicap of a 36-second differential, that doesn't look too bad.

On top of this, it's not like it trailed off at the very end "Cars" style. Babicki lost his ski before the halfway point, after which he just tried to survive the rest of the way down.

Babicki said that to finish the race, he had to channel his inner Bode Miller, who did something similar in 2005.

"It was a spontaneous decision," Babicki said, via Deadspin. "When I lost the ski I was like, 'Come on, I've seen Bode Miller's run so many times. I'm going to do everything I can to reach the finish.'"

And what a decision it was. Reckless and dumb, maybe, but also awesome. Babicki is trying to qualify for the Winter Olympics next month, and he just killed the style points section of the evaluation sheet for Poland.

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