Ryan Lochte is ready to move on with his life.

In a recent interview with ABC's Good Morning America, Lochte said he's ready to put his now infamous incident at a Rio de Janeiro gas station behind him for good.

He has signed on for this season of Dancing with the Stars, and has even scored a new sponsor: ROBOCOPP.

No, not the half-man, half-robot action hero from the '80s (although that would be awesome). This ROBOCOPP produces tiny alarms to get yourself out of precarious situations.

Kind of like the one Lochte was just in ... get it?

"We all like to have fun," he says in a video ad posted to his Twitter account. "But it's important to stay safe."

It's good to see Lochte has reached the stage where he can make fun of himself. It's also good to see that he's found another sponsor after he was dropped by four of them the day after the Olympics ended.

Clearly Lochte is moving on to the next phase of his career. Now there's just the matter of that pesky pending charge in Rio ...