WATCH: Shaun White's gold-medal run at Olympics becomes Super Mario game

Remember when Shaun White saved his best for last at the 2018 Olympics, capturing his third gold medal in snowboarding halfpipe and bolstering his already-stellar Winter Games career?

So do we.

Remember how we all thought White's gold-medal run would've been even more awesome had it looked and sounded like some kind of snowy version of Super Mario Bros.?

Well, maybe that never happened.

But now that awesomeness is real thanks to YouTuber Dylan Tate, who edited video of White's clinching coast down the slopes with everyone's favorite 1985 Nintendo video game in mind. Uploaded to the "Tater Tot" channel, the same entity behind instant classics like "Star Wars Tie Fighter Fly-by" and "Refilling a soda can with magic," this rendition of Shaun White heroics has no shortage of gold coins, Super Stars and power-up mushrooms:

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