WATCH: This Paralympian table tennis player with no arms is truly incredible

The Paralympics are full of inspiring stories, so it takes something incredibly special to stand out among the rest.

But that's exactly what Ibrahim Hamadtou is doing.

Representing Egypt, Hamadtou competes in table tennis despite the fact that he has no arms.

While that might be a major obstacle to some, Hamadtou has learned to excel in the sport using his mouth to hold the paddle and his foot to toss the ball up for his serve.

It's something you truly need to see to believe.

Even before the Paralympics Hamadtou was something of a celebrity in the table tennis world. Videos of his unbelievable technique have garnered millions of views.

Hamadtou was swept in his two singles matches at his first Paralympics, but one of his opponents had nothing but the highest praise for him.

"He's a legend in table tennis," Great Britain's David Wetherill told Agence France-Presse. "I was feeling the pressure, a bit jittery. [Then] you see people like Ibrahim, and you can't possibly feel nervous: he puts things in perspective, the things he can do."

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