A day after losing its bid to play for gold against Team USA, Canada curling dropped its bronze medal game to Switzerland 7-5. Kevin Koe's squad went 6-3  in round-robin play, good for the second seed. It faced off against USA's Team Shuster in the semifinals, losing 5-3. It was a bad run down the stretch for Canada, which dropped two to the United States in this tournament before being sent home without a medal by Switzerland.

Koe, the Canadian skip, is the first skip to not medal for Canada since curling was brought back to the Winter Games in 1998. Canada had won the previous three curling gold medals leading into this tournament.

It's a bizarre twist. No one loves curling like Canada, and the country made concerted efforts to make the competition better. It brought curlers into its facilities, provided training, it even coached the competition. The result? Switzerland, the United States and Sweden will medal, although the final order is TBD.

"We could have used a few more misses from our opponents this week, if teams were a little bit crappier," said Canadian Mark Kennedy, via The National Post. "But they're not. They're damn good and they've learned how to win and it's tough to keep up."

Koe may have been happier with the competition, but his disdain for the result trumped his pride. "Hugely disappointed," he said. "We feel like we're a better team than we showed in the playoffs and it just sucks that we couldn't pull it out when we needed to.

Canada dropping its final two is, to be frank, insane. It doesn't happen.

"Just too many misses in the final games," Koe said. "Those weren't our best games. We managed to keep the games close but it's tough when you are not playing your best."

Canada had a target on its back coming into these Games, and even if it did play its best, the final result is simple: The final two teams Team Koe faced shot their shots. And they didn't miss.