Winter Olympics 2018: Team USA women's hockey rolls Russians, gets Canada next

The United States women's hockey team beat the Olympic Athletes from Russia 5-0 on Tuesday, looking utterly dominant throughout all three periods. Team USA controlled every facet of the game, outshooting the Russians, 49-13. The Americans were in OAR's zone throughout the entire game, and OAR was stuck trying to get the puck in some semblance of an offensive possession throughout the game.

While the Russians managed only 13 shots on goal when the game was over, the Americans seemed like they had scoring chances every few minutes. During one stretch in the second period, Jocelyn Lamoureux-Davison scored two goals in a six-second span. It was a nightmare performance for OAR, but not entirely unexpected. Team USA entered the Olympic tournament with excellent odds to win gold this year, whereas OddsShark had OAR at +1,800. Team USA was 1-0 in Olympic play coming into this game after defeating Finland 3-1. Team USA has now scored eight unanswered goals in these Olympics, and the game against OAR definitely didn't bring the stress that the one against Finland did. 

Team USA never really gave OAR a chance to break the shutout, mounting rush after rush. After a Team USA goal from Hannah Brandt was disallowed due to a hand pass a little over midway through the third,Brandt made up for it with another goal with about two minutes left. Kacey Bellamy and Gigi Marvin both had goals of their own.

Team USA's next game will be against heated rival Canada on Wednesday. To see the full schedule of the Olympics, click here.

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