Nothing Personal with David Samson

Nothing Personal with David Samson is a daily sports podcast hosted by David Samson. No guests. No callers. No BS. 45 minutes per day, Monday-Friday. David is dedicated to decoding the endless musings of players, owners and others in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. Samson was in charge of a Major League Baseball team for 18 years, with winning a World Series ring, building a new ballpark, hosting an All-Star game, and buying and selling a franchise, among his many experiences and accomplishments. His breadth of knowledge covers all aspects of sport. This podcast will be the destination for fans of sports and entertainment who want to hear the truth about real situations as they occur each day. Every segment will give his audience a unique perspective, not found anywhere else. His voice is strong and unwavering, his brand is honesty and his reach is extraordinary. And remember, it's just business...It's nothing personal!

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Nothing Personal with David Samson

Nothing Personal with David Samson is a daily sports podcast hosted by David Samson. No guests. No callers. No BS. 45 minutes per day, Monday-Friday. David is dedicated to decoding the endless musings of players, owners and others in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. Samson was in charge of a Major League Baseball team for 18 years, with winning a World Series ring, building a new ballpark, hosting an All-Star game, and buying and selling a franchise, among his many experiences and accomplishments. His breadth of knowledge covers all aspects of sport. This podcast will be the destination for fans of sports and entertainment who want to hear the truth about real situations as they occur each day. Every segment will give his audience a unique perspective, not found anywhere else. His voice is strong and unwavering, his brand is honesty and his reach is extraordinary. And remember, it's just business...It's nothing personal!

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Most Recent Episode

  • MLB dream comes true: Shohei Ohtani vs Mike Trout ended the WBC Final! What can MLB do to capitalize on that?; NHL and Fanatatics announce deal (Episode 778)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘wake up!’ as in the dream happened the dream is over as in the World Baseball Classic as in Shohei Ohtani vs Mike Trout as in what is next for baseball? What can MLB do to keep the momentum going? Japan won. USA lost. Baseball fans won. The haters lost. (14:50) Where were the US star pitchers? Scherzer? deGrom? Verlander? Burnes? Well, Rob Manfred wants them there. He held court and gave some quotes on the WBC and the new rules. (28:40) Review: Black Panther - Wakanda Forever. (30:55) The NHL announced a new deal with Fanatics starting in the 2024-25 season. Fans are not happy. (44:00) Knicks legend Willis Reed has died at the age of 80. Let me talk for a minute on his impact. (47:30) Ja Morant is returning to action for the Grizzlies tonight. He isn’t healed. But he is back. 

    What an ending to the WBC! What a game! Loved it!

Episodes of This Show

  • MLB gets DREAM WBC FINAL! Japan vs USA! Ohtani vs Trout!; More players and former players speak out on MLB rule changes; James Dolan can't help himself! (Episode 777)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘incredible’ as in amazing as in perfect as in a dream scenario for MLB has happened. Japan vs USA. Trout vs Ohtani. It’s happening in the World Baseball Classic. Let’s discuss what this WBC has meant to everyone involved. Stars were made. Social media was in a frenzy. It was a perfect night. (15:55) A catcher in the bullpen for the Cuban team in the WBC has defected. Ivan Gonzalez was able to sneak out of the hotel and didn’t show up for the team’s flight home. We spoke yesterday about Cuba in the WBC and this is important. (19:55) A.J. Pierzynski opened about his feelings towards the new rules in baseball. Former players. Current players. Everyone has something to say. Does MLB care? (29:55) Review: Class of 07. (33:00) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about James Dolan. James Dolan is the owner of the Knicks. James Dolan can’t help but making himself the story. (46:55) Mark Appel was released. Let’s talk about how hard it is to play baseball. How hard it is to make it.

    Have a great day everyone! Do something fun if you can! The sun is shining!

  • WBC Madness: Altuve breaks hand, Arenado leaves injured, Trea Turner becomes superstar; Angels owner talks payroll, losing, and Shohei Ohtani! (Episode 776)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘vamos’ as in let’s go as in baseball is here as in another injury at the WBC as in Jose Altuve is out for at least 2 months after breaking his thumb on a hit by pitch. Awful. Horrible. Just unlucky. What are the Astros saying and doing? (11:55) We need to talk about Cuba playing in Miami and why it was so important. (24:55) Angels owner Arte Moreno spoke with the media for the first time in three years. What did he have to say? Payroll. Ohtani. Losing. (36:55) Review: Living with Bill Nighy. (37:55) NPPOD. (41:20) Lamar Jackson still has not gotten a new deal. Collusion!? NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith spoke about the Lamar situation.

    Happy Monday, people! let's have ourselves a day!

  • Washington Commanders sale IMMINENT! See ya later, Danny Boy!; Jordan wants out of NBA!; Despite Diaz injury, the WBC MATTERS! (Episode 775)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘imminent’ as in right now as in really soon as in the Washington Commanders sale could be here! What is Danny Boy and Tanya Snyder up to? Moving boxes. Packing tape. Saying their goodbyes. Who is buying the team? Where are the leaks!? (14:00) Michael Jordan is looking to sell the Charlotte Hornets. He bought the team in 2010 for $275M and is about to make a cool billion on that investment. (24:40) Review: Brian and Charles. (28:55) Edwin Diaz is out for the rest of the season. It’s done. Diaz tore his patellar tendon in his knee celebrating in the WBC. (40:35) NPPOD (46:00) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me if I would draft Georgia’s Jalen Carter. He was mocked to be the top pick in the NFL Draft and now no one knows where he’ll be taken.

    My bracket was busted by 6pm on Day 1! I STINK!

  • WBC, MLB and Mets biggest nightmare: Edwin Diaz suffers freak injury celebrating; Ja Morant has been cured; Aaron Rodgers wants NYJ (Episode 774)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘agony’ as in Edwin Diaz as in Alexis Diaz as in Francisco Lindor as in Team Puerto Rico as in the WBC as in the New York Mets as in Steve Cohen as in MLB. What a nightmare. Diaz strikes out the side to send Puerto Rico to the next round of the WBC and the Dominican Republic home… and gets hurt celebrating. Oh my… (28:40) Review: The Pez Outlaw. (30:45) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the Ja Morant situation and what has transpired. He is back after what sounds like a 20 minute stay at counseling. The NBA does it again. (37:25) NPPOD. (40:10) Aaron Rodgers wants to go to the New York Jets. Left the darkness and there we go. 

    I am very sad today. Not Edwin Diaz! Not Team Puerto Rico! Not my Mets!

  • Aaron Rodgers decision day 2.0!!!! Is he going to the Jets!?; What's the future of the NBA?; EVERYTHING to know about your regional sports network (Episode 773)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘presumptuous’ as in Aaron Rodgers is having Decision 2.0 as in the New York Jets got a list of targets from Rodgers as in Aaron Rodgers wants to play GM like LeBron James. Why are teams letting this happen? Just make up your mind already. Get it done and move on. (11:45) What is the future of the NBA? Load management is out of control. MVP voting is out of control. The new CBA is coming up. TV Deals. Some players aren’t happy. Damian Lillard doesn’t like it. (22:00) Review: Chasing Coral. (26:20) The World Cup is expanding to 104 teams. Why? MONEY! You got that right. (33:30) NPPOD. (34:40) What is going on with regional sports networks? Diamond Sports Group has filed for bankruptcy. Orioles, Nationals in fight over MASN. Uh oh!

    Hello friends! Who are we taking to win the tournament? I think I like Texas, but if too many people have Texas, I'm out!

  • World Baseball Classic: USA bats wake up, but Scherzer explains why there's no Cy Young stars; Bauer goes to Japan; Morant goes to get help (Episode 772)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘rolling the dice’ as in taking a chance as in gambling as in Max Scherzer spoke about the World Baseball Classic and why he’s not participating. A mid-season tournament, maybe? But, he spoke on getting ready for the season and not being there yet. Is it wrong to prioritize the MLB season over the WBC? Brandon Nimmo felt similar to Scherzer. Team USA has the bats, but none of the 15 Americans to receiver Cy Young votes are on the squad. And what about the pitching limits for the USA pitchers… not great! (15:50) Did you see the signing of Duque Hebbert? Do you know who we’re talking about? No? (26:55) Review: The Last of Us. (30:25) The Mets join the Yankees in welcoming a new addition to the IL. Jose Quintana is now hurt. It is hard to win. Even if you have the money. (35:30) Trevor Bauer is off to Japan. Okay. (41:50) NPPOD. (43:00) Ja Morant is getting help. It was reported that Morant will be in Florida joining a counseling program. His timetable to return as yet to be determined.

    Happy Pi Day! How many numbers do you know!?

  • NFL Blockbusters: Panthers go all-in with Bears for #1 pick! Does Packers CEO think Rodgers is a Jet? What happened at the Oscars!? (Episode 771)

    Today’s word of the day is ‘da bears’ as in the Chicago Bears and in the Carolina Panthers as in David Tepper has mortgaged his team’s future for the number 1 overall pick. Tepper wants to be the man. He wants to be the story. Was it too much? Are the Bears all in on Justin Fields now? (9:50) Dolphins have picked up the 5th year option for Tua. He missed a lot of time because of head injuries last year. What happens next? Tua gets a big extension or Tua not a Dolphin in 2 years? (14:55) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the comments made by Mark Murphy when he was asked about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. (25:40) UNC Tar Heels turn down a trip to the NIT. Woof. (28:00) Oscar Review. What happened at the Academy Awards. (41:00) We saw the worst umpire call of all time over the weekend. It needs to be seen to be believed. (45:00) NPPOD.

    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish should have won Best Picture!

  • Yankees injuries begin to pile up: Carlos Rodon to the IL; Arizona Cardinals OL tells Kyler Murray to 'Grow Up', 2023 Oscar predictions! (Episode 770)

    Today’s word of the day is ’forearm strain’ as in pitching as in baseball as in MLB as in Spring Training as in the lockout ended a year ago today as in the New York Yankees are in trouble before the season. Carlos Rodon. $162M. Forearm strain. Injured List. DAMN! (16:45) The Arizona Cardinals have a problem. It used to be Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray. Now players are fighting in the media and social media about Kyler Murray. Oh boy. (28:00) Review: Oscar Predictions (36:55) Patrick Ewing has been fired by Georgetown. Let’s discuss why programs hire former elite players and how that works out. (41:55) NPPOD.

    Have a great weekend everyone! Do something fun!

  • Sports Betting BOOM: WWE now wants in on the action! Calvin Ridley reinstated by NFL; Ja Morant update: Adam Silver is no David Stern (Episode 769)

    Today’s word of the day is ’scripted’ as in the WWE as in professional wrestling as in SORRY TO BREAK IT TO YOU as in the WWE is looking into getting into the gambling business. What? How? Really? No Way. (16:40) Calvin Ridley is back in the NFL. The receiver was suspended for a year and traded to the Jaguars. He was suspended for gambling on the NFL. He released a story in the Players’ Tribune that was eye-opening. (27:50) Update on Ja Morant! He’ll be out for at least four more games the Grizzlies say. Denver PD said the investigation is over. What now? (39:55) Review: EO. (43:55) We need to talk about the Yankees and Frankie Montas. He said he was hurt when he was traded. Oh boy.

    Have a great day everyone! I know David gave my email out on today's show, but please don't email me!

  • NFL Collusion!? Did the Ravens know teams wouldn't offer Lamar Jackson a fully guaranteed deal?; Daniel Jones gets PAID! Aaron Rodgers gets wined and dined! (Episode 768)

    Today’s word of the day is ’you’re it’ as in tag you’re it as in the franchise tag as in Lamar Jackson was tagged. What does that mean? People are screaming about collusion! Is the NFL colluding against Lamar? What did the Ravens do? Why don’t other teams want him? (20:40) Daniel Jones is getting big money from the Giants. We say that because he could be playing on a 5th year deal! But alas, he is making big money. (24:50) Aaron Rodgers is meeting with the New York Jets. Why? Why are the Jets doing this? Just trade for him or don’t! (30:50) Review: Selective Outrage. (37:00) Does Apple have a secret opt-out clause in its deal with the MLS? Could that be true? (44:00) NPPOD.

    Hump Day is here already! Have a great day, party people! Tell someone you love em, just because!

  • World Baseball Classic is here! Get excited! Jets need a QB: Derek Carr said no... will Aaron Rodgers?; Ja Morant Update: more trouble for the Grizzlies star (Episode 767)

    Today’s word of the day is ’WBC’ as in World Baseball Classic as in the World Cup of Baseball as in Dominican Republic as in Team USA as in Japan! Let’s talk about what this tournament is and what it means to Major League Baseball. (10:55) What are the Jets doing at QB? Is Aaron Rodgers the guy? Is Derek Carr the guy? Is Geno Smith the guy? What are the Jets going to do!? (23:10) Review: A Man Called Otto (26:55) What is the latest on Ja Morant? It looks like the Denver Police Department are now going to review this case because of the firearm shown by Morant. Will the NBA choose to suspend him now? (38:30) NPPOD. (43:00) Mike Clevinger is in trouble, but not in trouble. MLB will not discipline him for what’s happening off the field.

    I'm back! Did anyone miss me? ANYONE! Let's have an incredible Tuesday!

  • Ja Morant and the Grizzlies have work to do; What is going on with the Baltimore Ravens!?

    Today's word of the day is 'Vegas Baby' as in my reflections on a weekend in Vegas. Is the city over saturated with professional sports? Ja Morant has been suspended for two games after he was seen on Instagram live with a gun. How much trouble is he in? Baltimore Ravens Receiver Rashod Bateman called out his GM for his comments on a disappointing track record at the WR position. Today's review is Women Talking written band directed by Sarah Polley. We have an update on MLB rules... or do we.... What is going on with this pitch clock? As always we close out the show with the NPDS pick of the day!

  • NFL's Worst Owner is at it AGAIN: Daniel Snyder's Commanders problems are too big to ignore

    Today's word of the day is 'Fifty Five' as in . We have a #Waittosee... Do you think Deshaun Waston will restructure his deal to help the brown? Next up we have a quick correction before reviewing the movie Virunga. The MLB wants to cut Minor league players off Florida's minimum wage, what type of impact would this have on the minor leagues? David Also reacts to a few injuries and how they could impact their teams. As always we close the show with a pick of the day.

  • Lakers concerned for future: LeBron James out with foot injury; Are the Bears trading the 1st pick or not!?; MLB New Rules and more payroll drama! (Episode 764)

    Today’s word of the day is ’indefinitely’ as in LeBron James is out with a foot injury. Oh boy. The Los Angeles Lakers traded for six new players at the deadline. The Los Angeles Lakers felt like a new team. The Los Angeles Lakers now are outside the play-in tournament with no LeBron James. (14:10) The NFL Draft Season rumors are back! What are the Bears doing with the top pick? Keeping it! Trading it! Trading Justin Fields! ANYTHING! (24:40) Review: The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker. (28:35) MLB loves the new rule changes… why? Because they are getting buy in. It’s still early so let’s not celebrate everything just yet. But, Scherzer and Judge says it’ll benefit them. (34:40) Jacob deGrom opened up about his contract and heading to the Texas Rangers. What did he have to say? (36:55) New Toronto Blue Jays Chris Bassit tweeted about the business of baseball. Let’s clear some things up. (44:20) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Pirates owner Bob Nutting and his comments on the team, spending, and trading Bryan Reynolds. 

    It snowed today. I really dislike the snow! Sorry if you like the snow. But snow is bad!

  • Manny Machado gets the bag from the Padres! Is a salary cap coming to MLB!? New rules are here in MLB! Dan Snyder can't be THAT petty! (Episode 763)

    Today’s word of the day is ’65’ as in 65M as in Manny Machado got paid $65M more than what the Padres originally offered him a few weeks ago. This deal now becomes a 14-year, $470M deal. Can you believe it? This is what happens when teams put opt-outs in! What does this mean fore the Padres and its spending spree? (14:50) Is there going to be a salary cap in MLB? Is this possibly going to happen? Would the Player’s Union allow it? (27:20) Review: Drive to Survive. (30:20) The new MLB pitch clock was enforced this weekend. And people are losing their minds! (36:30) NPPOD. (38:40) Is Dan Snyder really this petty? No way. Don’t believe it. There’s multiple reports about Dan Snyder possibly not wanting to sell to Jeff Bezos. Ha! (44:30) We’ve got umpire problems already! CB Bucknor wouldn’t shake the hand of Oli Marmol before the Cardinals game. Woof!

    Have a great monday people! I'm going on vacation soon.... so i'm in cruise control!

  • NPDS QB Darkness Retreat: Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Daniel Jones, Joe Burrow enter; Eric Bieniemy takes on Washintgon; MLB v. Stick Stuff (Episode 762)

    Today’s word of the day is ’darkness’ as in Aaron Rodgers has returned from his Darkness Retreat so we have an NPDS dark retreat as well. Where is he going to go? Back to Green Bay? To the Jets? To retire? What about Lamar Jackson and the Ravens? Are they close to a deal? (13:45) Eric Bieniemy has left Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. He was introduced as the Washington Commanders offensive coordinator. Is this fair? A lateral move? (23:50) Review: The Whale. (27:50) Jayson Stark released an article yesterday about MLB combating sticky stuff again. Oh boy! (35:40) NPPOD. (37:50) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about an ambidextrous pitcher! (42:45) What is going on with the Boston Red Sox? Triston Casas had some very quirky pregame rituals. 


  • NBA is back and the West is Wild: LeBron legacy, Warriors end, KD and Kyrie, Jokic looking to 3-peat; MLS expansion and TV talk (Episode 761)

    Today’s word of the day is ’escape club’ as in Wild, Wild West as in the Western Conference as in the NBA is back tonight and the Western Conference has so many storylines to focus on. Let’s start things off with LeBron James and the Lakers. He says these final 20+ game are the most important games of his career. Kevin Durant is on the Suns. Remember that? Kyrie is on the Dallas Mavericks. Remember that? Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors dynasty could be over? Right? Has to end at some point! Sorry to say this but Nikola Jokic is going to win his 3rd straight MVP award this year. It is. His season has been insane. But the biggest story has to be the tank for Victor. Who’s going to get the #1 pick? The Franchise changer. The unicorn. (14:55) The NBA All Star Game ratings were a disaster. Worse than the Pro Bowl. The NBA needs to do something and it will happen. (20:10) Review: The Long Goodbye. (24:50) Let’s give an update on the Brandon Miller/Darius Miles situation. The attorney released a statement and we need to go through it. (30:10) MLS is starting this Saturday. Expansion. TV deals. Money. Woo hoo. Get excited! (39:55) More MLB Spring Training storylines are here so listen up!

    Thirsty thursday! we made it! Woohoo!

  • MLB Spring Training: Padres, Marlins, Diamondbacks owners all talk payroll and stadiums; Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats can't be serious (Episode 760)

    Today’s word of the day is ’nuts’ as in owners are talking as in it all seems nuts as in MLB Spring Training is the time of year when you hear from all the owners so let’s alll hear what they have to say. Peter Seidler is the owner of the San Diego Padres. He’s got a stacked team right now. He’s spending big money. What did he have to say? (11:45) Bruce Sherman met the media and wants you to know that the Marlins want to win and are not for sale. Where have you heard that before? (17:55) Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick spoke to the press for the first time in a long time. (28:45) Review: Sharper. (30:55) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about Alabama basketball and Nate Oats. Did you all hear what he said about Brandon Miller reportedly providing a gun used in a murder? (38:40) NPPOD. (39:45) The Atlanta Hawks have fired Nate McMillan just months after a report of a broken relationship with Trae Young. (44:30) Jim Caldwell announced that he would stop trying to be an NFL head coach moving forward. He’s had enough.

    It's Wednesday! Another HUMP DAYYYYYY! Have a great day everyone! Get some sun if you can!

  • MLB Spring Training: The Mets Steve Cohen Plan is here; Can Cole keep HR down, can Judge keep HR up?; Meyers Leonard's send chance (Episode 759)

    Today’s word of the day is ’position’ as in Steve Cohen is in position as in 3-5 year plan is here as in MLB and its Economic Reform Committee has been started. What does all of this mean? Do the other owners dislike Steve Cohen? Is the spending going to continue forever? (12:30) Let’s move to the Bronx and talk about the New York Yankees. Is Gerrit Cole going to give up 33 homers again? Is Carlos Rodon going to be the secondary star they’ve needed? What about Aaron Judge and 9/$360M deal? Can the Yankees get it done? (18:40) Meyers Leonard is back in the NBA. Let’s do a refresher on why he’s been out of the league. Should we be okay with this 2nd chance? Is this the “right” way to do things? (28:30) Review: All That Breathes. (34:55) NPPOD. (35:55) What is going on with John Henry and Liverpool? The team was for sale. Now it isn’t for sale. Can it be for sale? Is anyone selling anything? (42:30) Let’s finish the day off talking about Ted Lasso. 

    Being sick stinks! I wish it on no one! This section has basically become my diary. Thanks for reading!

  • MLB Payroll Disparity: Phillies, Red Sox, and Orioles owners talk spending while Manfred makes new committee; Can NBA All-Star Weekend be fixed? (Episode 758)

    Today’s word of the day is ’Spring microphone’ as in Spring Training is here as in MLB owners are back and they cannot wait to talk! What are we referring to? The Red Sox. The Phillies. The Orioles. The Padres. These owners couldn’t wait to talk about money! Let’s start with the Philadelphia Phillies. What did John Middleton have to say? He talked money… this will be a common theme! (7:00) What did Red Sox owner John Henry have to say? Are Red Sox fans going to be happy about this? (17:00) Of course, Orioles owner John Angelos had to say something. Why? He couldn’t help himself! (22:00) So what is MLB going to do? Can the league spending be fixed? Bring in the Economic Reform Committee! (30:30) Review: Stolen Youth. (34:50) The NBA All Star Weekend needs a makeover. What is going on here!? The Skills Challenge stinks. The Dunk Contest is below average. And the All-Star game itself is a disaster to watch! (42:40) NPPOD. (43:40) Manny Machado told the Padres that he is opting out of his deal. Can San Diego afford to keep him or afford to let him go?

    Shoutout to the people working hard today! We see you! And a special Happy Birthday to my best mate Pasquale!

  • Samson Sit-Down: Evan Drellich | Winning Fixes Everything | How the Astros sign-stealing scandal was uncovered

    It's time for another Samson Sit-Down! Evan Drellich - Senior Writer, The Athletic. Author of "Winning Fixes Everything” joins the show! Evan broke the story about the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. So let’s get into it!

  • MLB Spring Training: Corbin Burnes v. Brewers; Astros new GM makes a mistake; Explaining split-squads; Barcelona referee scandal (Episode 757)

    Today’s word of the day is ’feelings’ as in getting the feeling back again as in Corbin Burnes said he had his feelings hurt by the Brewers. Why was that? What happened in the arbitration room that Burnes is mad about? What gets said? (14:10) What is going on in Houston? Are the Astros changing their philosophy? Since when do the Astros keep players? (18:35) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about split squads and spring training and all the fun that goes into the games no player cares about. (29:00) Review: Somebody I Used to Know. (31:50) What in the world is going on at Barcelona? The team has been accused of overpaying a referees company to try and sway the rest of the officials calling La Liga games. What? There’s no way? (39:40) NPPOD. (42:55) We need to talk about bullying going on right now with teens. This problem has been around forever, but now that it’s being filmed we see it more and more and more. What is being done to stop this?

    Have a great weekend party people! What are we going to watch? The NBA All Star Game? ehhhhhhh

  • MLB Spring Training: Jacob deGrom health, Red Sox injury updates, Bryan Reynolds trade request,; Will Bally's Bankruptcy impact your games?

    Today’s word of the day is ’injuries and distractions’ as in those were the 2 rules we said yesterday to avoid in Spring Training. And guess what? Yesterday, that’s all it was. Let’s start with Jacob deGrom… you’re not going to believe it. (7:10) Stephen Strasburg had another setback. Oh boy. (8:10) The Boston Red Sox are in a tough spot. Trevor Story said he’s likely out the season. Chris Sale is supposed to be coming back. (14:35) The Los Angeles Angels will do everything in their power to keep Shohei Ohtani. How will they do it? Mike Trout has some ideas. (19:10) What about distractions in Pittsburgh? Plenty of them! The biggest is Bryan Reynolds and his trade requests. Oh boy. (22:55) So what’s going on in Cincinnati? Well, Rob Manfred had some things to say about Phil Castellini. (26:50) What about the Yankees? Another injury. Frankie Montas is likely out for the year. What else can go wrong? (30:30) Review: Your Place or Mine. (35:40) NPPOD. (37:00) What is going on with Bally’s? Are you going to be able to see your baseball games? Are there more or less MLB blackouts? What is going on!?

    I heard someone say: it's thursday, but if you stand on your toes you can see friday! -- well get on those toes people!

  • NBA vs Load Management: Will new rules curb superstars from taking games off!? MLB rules enforcement is here and get ready for yelling! (Episode 755)

    Today’s word of the day is ’overhaul’ as in change as in drastically change as in the NBA is at war with itself. Load management has been plague. Stars sitting out of big TV games. Stars resting. Now the NBA and NBPA will discuss tying awards to games played. Will that change anything? Do players care? Will teams use this against players? (17:10) Zion Williamson is still out hurt… again. What are the Pelicans going to do? He just signed a huge deal and he’s still been a liability. (21:35) MLB continues to release new enforcement rules. New bases. New pitch clock. New balk calls. New everything. (34:30) Review: Narvik. (36:50) New Mexico State has fired its head coach. Go listen to yesterday’s show. (37:50) NPPOD. (40:00) Can the Brooklyn Nets save Ben Simmons career? He has gone through it. Now he’s just another player in the league. Before he was one fo the top young talents in the league. (46:50) Get rid of distractions. That’s one of the main goals of Spring Training. And the White Sox are failing at that.

    Very sorry if there's an audio issue today! It was a platform recording problem! NOT ME!

  • Remembering Nationals owner Ted Lerner; MLB Ghost Runner is here for good: here's why; Crisis on campus: NMSU basketball hazing and Michigan State shooting (Episode 754)

    Today’s word of the day is ’Ted Lerner’ as in the principal owner of the Washington Nationals. Ted Lerner died yesterday at the age of 97. Let me take a few minutes to speak on Ted, our friendship, and his life. (6:40) MLB made rule changes because of covid and they’re here to stay. You hate the ghost runner? TOO BAD! There will now be a runner on 2nd in extra innings for good. (20:35) The World Baseball Classic is almost here and every front office is scared. Nestor Cortes has a hamstring issue and he’s out. Questionable for the season opener now. This is why the front office hates the World Baseball Classic! Injuries! (28:00) Review: True Spirit. (34:30) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about what’s going on at New Mexico State right now. The basketball team canceled its season. There’s been a player involved in a shooting. There’s been players involved in hazing. Coaches suspended. Absolute mess. 

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone. We know today's show ended a little dark, but it's necessary to speak on these issues.

  • Chiefs win the Super Bowl: Patrick Mahomes greatness, THE flag, and experimental grass?; Ranking Super Bowl commercials! (Episode 753)

    Today’s word of the day is ’champions’ as in the Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl champions! Let’s break down some of the biggest storylines from the day, starting with: don’t do something for the first time during the Super Bowl! Pizza and grass. That’s not what you think. Burnt pizza. Golf grass. (14:40) Let’s talk about THAT flag. Was it a penalty? (22:20) How did Patrick Mahomes walk in the 2nd half? He is greatness. He couldn’t feel his foot. (24:00) Time to rank the Super Bowl commercials. (33:45) Review: Empire of Light. (34:50) The Indianapolis Colts are about to name Eagles OC Shane Steichen as the team’s next head coach. What happened to Jeff Saturday? 3 rounds of interviews and Jim Irsay found his man. (36:30) NPPOD. (39:55) The Golden State Warriors are accusing the Portland Trail Blazers of withholding medical information about Gary Payton. What happened here? Does this ever happen?

    What a game! It was for sure a fun one for neutral fans. Love high scoring games! Keep the defenses at home!

  • Final Super Bowl Preparations: STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!; Can the Angels afford Shohei Ohtani!?; NBA's RIDICULOUS buyout market (Episode 752)

    Today’s word of the day is ’Super Bowl’ as in the Super Bowl is here as in Chiefs as in Eagles as in Mahomes as in Hurts as in FOOTBALL! But what is happening before the game? It’s only Friday! How are teams preparing for this? How do you keep players out of trouble? What if a player is sick? (11:50) Steve Cohen is paying $1M for a Super Bowl ad. Is this going to work for the Mets? (20:30) Can the Los Angeles Angels afford to pay or lose Shohei Ohtani? Arte Moreno was going to sell the team and now he’s not. He wants tot keep Ohtani, but can he? (31:20) Review: The Elephant Whisperers. (35:55) NBA Buyout market is out of control. There’s no way the NBA can be happy about this. (43:10) Super Bowl Prop bets!!!!

    We made it to another Friday! let's go!!!!!! It's Super Bowl weekend party people! I'm doing a contest for NPDS fans: Winning Team + final score (not combined score) so Chiefs 31-28 or Eagles 31-28 --- DM me on Twitter @matthewcocacbcs -- closest to the final score wins $50! Price is right rules so over and you're out! You have till Sunday morning!

  • NBA Blockbusters! Kevin Durant gets traded to the Suns! Only Ben Simmons remains in Brooklyn! The Lakers ship Westbrook to Utah! (Episode 751)

    Today’s word of the day is ’the sun’ as in Phoenix is the center of the universe as in Kevin Durant to the Suns as in the Super Bowl as in the Waste Management tourney as in the Suns got a new owner. Holy moly. Let’s break down this trade for KD. The Brooklyn Nets have hit the full reset button. See ya KD, see ya Kyrie! (17:30) Draymond Green had some comments about Joe Tsai and the Kyrie Irving trade. He called Joe Tsai ‘billionaire petty’. How true is this? (23:20) Russell Westbrook has been traded! Can you believe it didn’t work out? (32:00) Review: Arctic. (34:50) Roger Goodell had some things to say about diversity and officiating. It went horribly. (43:20) NPPOD.

    It's thursday already! Time has been flying. Have an incredible day and get ready for the weekend!

  • LeBron James is now the NBA's Scoring KING, but is he the GOAT?; Kyrie Irving let's Brooklyn know how he really feels; Aaron Rodgers darkness retreat (Episode 750)

    Today’s word of the day is ’King James’ as in LeBron James has passed Kareem as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. I cannot believe it. Didn’t think it would ever happen. 1st in points. 4th in assists. Wow. Is he the GOAT? (20:45) Kyrie Irving had some things to say about the Brooklyn Nets and his time there now that he’s a member of the Dallas Mavericks. Why is he always thinking he’s never at fault? Said he felt disrespected in Brooklyn. Said he was a great teammate. Said he was selfless. GMAB! (30:20) Review: Alice, Darling. (34:20) Aaron Rodgers has a big decision to make. To be paid or not to be paid. That’s it. He can spend all the time in the darkness that he wants. Cool! (39:25) NPPOD. (41:50) Let’s talk about President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. 

    It's already Wednesday! This week is flying by! Keep going! Super Bowl weekend and chicken wings are almost here!

  • Sean Payton is letting everyone know he's the sheriff, not Russ; LeBron James and trade deadline pressure; Steve Cohen vs MLB Owners (Episode 749)

    Today’s word of the day is ’sheriff’ as in there’s a new sheriff in town as in Sean Payton is here to change the culture for the Denver Broncos. He made it very clear that things will change and need to. Russell Wilson will have no private coaches and trainers in the facility. See ya. Culture changing takes all the buy in. (13:50) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about LeBron James comments on Kyrie and also wanted to know what the clubhouse is like during trade deadline week. (26:40) Review: Babylon. (32:30) Steve Cohen opened up about running the New York Mets. He talked openly about how other owners feel about him. Was he right? Should he have done this? (42:30) NPPOD. We’re focusing on LeBron James! So close to the all-time points record, but is tonight the night?

    You all watching LeBron tonight? HISTORY can be made! You have to at least tune in!

  • End of an Error: Nets trade Kyrie Irving to Mavericks; Durant last remaining of the Big 3; What is arbitration and should Max Fried be mad? (Episode 748)

    Today’s word of the day is ’trade me’ as in Kyrie Irving finally gets his wish. He gets sent to the Dallas Mavericks to join Luka for half a season… maybe more. The Big 3 Era in Brooklyn was a disaster. Kevin Durant must be happy. James Harden ran away as fast as he could. Now Ben Simmons is left there. Why did the Nets do it? Why didn’t Kyrie go to the Lakers? Now what? (19:20) Let’s explain what happens during arbitration again. Max Fried went up against the Braves and lost. Luis Arraez went up against the Marlins and won. Does it mean anything? (28:10) Review: Gunther’s Millions. (31:30) Shohei Ohtani is going to play for Japan in the World Baseball Classic. The New York Yankees are not allowing Luis Severino to play for the Dominican Republic. (39:30) NPPOD. (42:10) Fernando Tatis Jr is doing his redemption tour right now. He needs to be back in the good graces of the fans.

    The Brooklyn Nets are cursed and I love it. That's what they get for stealing the team from New Jersey!

  • Mini Samson Sit-Down: Maddie Mastro - Snowboarder - 2x Olympian - World Champion - X-Games Silver Medalist

    It’s a mini Sit-Down with snowboard extraordinaire Maddie Mastro! What’s it take to become a professional snowboarder? What’s going to the Olympics like at 18? Is snowboarding better than skiing!?

    Maddie has partnered with TWIX to create the TWIX Doughboard. Maddie has designed one half of the board, with the other left blank for fans to submit their own design

    Fans can submit entries at from now through Wednesday , February 8

  • Great British Takeoff: How Todd Boehly transformed Chelsea and pissed off the Premier League; Orioles leaving Camden Yards?; Jerry Jones is okay with Cowboys being average (Episode 747)

    Today’s word of the day is ’transfer window’ as in buying as in selling as in transfer fees as in Todd Boehly took over Chelsea and spent hundreds of millions of dollars to try and help his club. It has pissed off everyone. Teams, fans, countries, leagues. Everyone. But, is this the new way in Europe? (15:10) Dodders owner Stan Kasten spoke about Trevor Bauer and his released. Why now? (27:30) Review: Good Night Oppy. (31:55) Are the Baltimore Orioles on the move? The team denied the extension for Camden Yards. What exactly does this mean? (39:40) NPPOD. (40:50) Jerry Jones just can’t help himself. He has to talk. You put a mic around him and he’ll say something. 

    Have a great weekend! Do something fun for yourself! It's been a tough week for some of us, we deserve some fun!

  • How was Tua still in concussion protocol?; When will parents learn not every kid is going pro?; Matt Rhule sues David Tepper and the old boys network (Episode 746)

    Today’s word of the day is ’cleared’ as in Tua Tagovailoa has been cleared from concussion protocol as in Greg Olsen may clear the FOX booth as in LeBron may clear Kareem’s record very very soon as in parents are making it very clear they cannot be at youth sports events. Let’s start with Tua and why it’s taken so long to get out of the protocol. (7:50) Tom Brady has officially retired. Now it’s onto the FOX booth. People have loved Greg Olsen and he’s even calling this Super Bowl. Is this what Tom really thinks retirement should be? (12:55) Kareem’s scoring record was the unbreakable record. That was it. No one thought it could be done. Here steps in LeBron James who is now 89 points away. And there’s no slowing down. (18:50) Youth sports parents have been out of control forever. People are dying because of these fights. What are we doing? (24:30) Matt Rhule has filed arbitration against David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers. He wants his money. Will he get it? (34:55) Broadway Rising. (39:20) NPPOD. (40:20) Eagles offensive lineman Josh Sills has been indicted on rape and kidnapping from an incident that occurred in 2019. The Eagles are in the Super Bowl. He is not in the Super Bowl. 

    Does this Thursday feel like a Monday, or is it just me? Woof!

  • Walmart trades for Sean Payton: Can he fix Russell Wilson?; David Tepper thinks the Panthers are different... they aren't; Tom Brady retires again! (Episode 745)

    Today’s word of the day is ’Payton’s Place’ as in Sean Payton as in traded as in Rob Walton and Walmart are spending spending spending to try and turn the Denver Broncos around. Is Sean Payton worth it? Is trading all these picks for a QB and head coach worth it? Is Russell Wilson going to be saved? (11:30) Frank Reich was introduced as the new head coach of the Carolina Panthers, but David Tepper wanted to steal the day. He commented on coaching diversity and offensive rules and his General Manager couldn’t help himself either. (22:30) Tom Brady has retired again. It happened again. Will he stay retired again? (29:35) Review: Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio. (35:55) Are the Tampa Bay Rays moving or not? What is going on with this team? (43:55) NPPOD.

    Shoutout to Tom Brady today! Go enjoy your family and the beach. You've earned it. It's going to be okay!

  • Make Baseball Cool Again: Why Jazz Chisholm's MLB The Show cover is so important; Ronald Acuńa's World Baseball Crisis; Does moving in fences work? (Episode 744)

    Today’s word of the day is ’cool’ as ice cold as in what’s colder than be cold as in swag as in bling as in bright lights as in Jazz Chisholm has been announce as the 2023 MLB The Show cover. Can you believe it? He’s not a superstar. He had a pretty average season. But he is cool. If MLB wants to grow. It’s got to be cool. (13:10) Ronald Acuna is going through it in his own country of Venezuela. He’s been playing winter ball in the country and it hasn’t been going well. Now he might not play for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic. Uh oh. (25:30) Review: Shotgun Wedding. (29:40) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the Toronto Blue Jays moving in the fences at the Rogers Centre. Why do you do this? Does it work? (37:10) NPPOD. (39:20) Dick Monfort had some things to say about the San Diego Padres spending. It is very rare for an MLB owner talking about another owner. 

    Alright we made it to Tuesday. That's a big step! What do you all do to motivate yourselves when you need it?

  • Super Bowl is set! Chiefs vs Eagles! Mahomes vs Hurts! How did we get here? Damar Hamlin releases statement for trolls; LeBron takes on NBA refs... again

    Today’s word of the day is ’conference championship’ as in Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won with the help of a late hit by the Bengals, that’ll send Mahomes to his 3rd Super Bowl in 5 seasons as a starter. What happened in this game? Joe Burrow and the Bengals made a few not smart plays. (14:10) What about in the Eagles-Niners game? Woof. How many QBs are going to get hurt for San Francisco? This game was over before it could even begin when Brock Purdy gets hurt. Josh Johnson gets hurt. And Jalen Hurts jogs himself to a Super Bowl. We had brawls. We had penalties. We had back ups. We had bad football. (27:15) Review: You People. (30:20) Damar Hamlin has to release a video statement after conspiracy theories fly around about his existence. (36:20) NPPOD. Let’s talk about NBA refs. It’s getting out of hand. Did you see what happened with LeBron James and the Celtics? His reaction was a little much, but things need to change. (43:50) Rockies owner Dick Monfort was speaking about this upcoming season and said he thinks the team can play .500 ball. WHAT!? You don’t say that!

    Mondays stink! Right? How do you all get your energy up for days like today!?

  • NFL Coaching Carousel spins out of control: Steve Wilks flames NFL after not getting Panthers job; Jerry LOVES McCarthy in Dallas; James Dolan takes on New York (Episode 742)

    Today’s word of the day is ’legitimate race problem’ as in the NFL might have a problem. Steve Wilks was the interim head coach for the Carolina Panthers and he’s mad that he did not get the Panthers job. Frank Reich got it. Wilks joined the Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL. What is happening here and is there a way to address this problem? What is Jim Irsay going to do? What about Brian Flores interviewing for the Cardinals job? Sean Payton is the favorite everywhere. (17:10) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about Jerry Jones firing a bunch of coaches, but keeping Mike McCarthy! AND! Mike McCarthy announced it! (26:55) Review: M3GAN. (29:35) The New York Jets have hire Nathaniel Hackett as offensive coordinator. Did they do this to lure Aaron Rodgers to the team? (32:30) NPPOD. (37:55) We have a big battle going on in New York City. James Dolan is taking on the State Liquor Authority. In a very bizarre interview he called out the Commission and said he would stop sales of liquor at a Rangers game and then posted the email and number of the commissioner. What is going on here?

    Have an amazing weekend, everyone! Get some wings! Get some beers! Have a lot of laughs! You earned it!

  • Patrick Mahomes says he's ready to go vs Bengals: how true is that?; 49ers making very questionable decision; Did The Razzies need to go this far? (Episode 741)

    Today’s word of the day is ’gamesmanship’ as in Patrick Mahomes is hurt. We all saw it. He hurt his ankle bad. But he’s back at practice and limping around. The betting line has moved in favor of the Cincinnati Bengals. Patrick Mahomes said he’s all systems go, but how close to the truth is that? (14:35) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the 49ers letting Charles Omenifhu play this weekend even though he’s under investigation for domestic violence. Omenihu was arrested and released. Why would San Francisco let him play? (26:35) Review: The Old Way. Let’s talk about the Razzie’s and what they did. (40:30) NPPOD. (42:30) Is Aaron Rodgers staying in Green Bay? Is he wanting to be traded? Is he going to the Jets? Are the Packers going to rework his contract to make things work in Green Bay?

    It's Thursday! Woohoo! Are you all sad the football season is almost over? Are you preparing for the NFL draft already!?

  • MLB inconsistent domestic violence investigations and statements; Baseball Hall of Fame voting process; Miami Marlins are NOT for sale... right now (Episode 740)

    Today’s word of the day is ’inconsistency’ as in different as in not the same as in MLB is now investigating Mike Clevinger further than before after a woman came forward with more allegations of domestic and child abuse against the player. Why has this taken so long for MLB to admit this? Did the Padres know and allow Clevinger to pitch? Did the White Sox know and still sign him? (17:30) Scott Rolen is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. That’s it. That’s the class. No Helton, no Wagner, no Kent. What about Carlos Beltran? Why does this keep happening? Should we look at the voting process again? (28:30) Review: To Leslie. (32:30) Are the Miami Marlins for sale? No. Stop. Bruce Sherman released a statement so we’ll talk about it. (38:55) NPPOD. The NBA All Star game is going to look a little different this year! We have an All Star Draft happening right before the game starts!

    HUMP DAYYYYYYYY! Let's have ourselves a day people! i'm fired up for life for no particular reason... those are the best days!

  • Los Angeles Angels are NOT for sale! Sorry Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani!; Cowboys social media problems; 2023 Oscar Nominations! (Episode 739)

    Today’s word of the day is ’crystalized’ as in forming crystals as in taking a definite form as in Arte Moreno is no longer selling the Los Angeles Angels. It’s done. Off the board. Take down the For Sale sign. So what happens now? Fans are PISSED! Does Shohei Ohtani stay? Does Mike Trout riot? How angry is Rob Manfred? (19:30) The Dallas Cowboys social media account crapped all over Dak Prescott. It shouldn’t have been done regardless of what Jerry Jones allows from the team’s website. The team blaming Dak Prescott for the loss? Why? How should Dak feel about this? (28:00) 2023 Oscar nominations are out! This is my Super Bowl! Snubs, baby! Who was it? RRR is a must-see movie and it was not nominated for Best Picture! (34:40) The Baseball Hall of Fame makes its announcement tonight. Who makes it? Anyone? Everyone? Someone? (42:40) NPPOD - Let’s talk about the Vancouver Canucks and what happened with its head coach. 

    Puss In Boots: The Last Wish is the best movie of the year. Don't let anyone try to convince you it's not!

  • Jerry Jones said the Dallas Cowboys loss made him SICK! Mahomes battles through ankle injury; Joe Burrow outplays Josh Allen - will he be out paid now? (Episode 738)

    Today’s word of the day is ’sickening’ as in not feeling good as is nausea as in heartburn as in indigestion as in Jerry Jones is sick of the Cowboys. Dak Prescott was bad. Mike McCarthy was awful. And the Cowboys are sent home by the 49ers again. (9:50) Patrick Mahomes was hurt in the Chiefs win over the Jaguars. It did not look good. Are the Chiefs in trouble again in the AFC Championship Game? (16:30) Joe Burrow is that dude. Simple as that. Back to back AFC Championship appearances now. He completely outplayed Josh Allen in Buffalo. Now what do the Bengals pay him? (20:00) Neutral-site NFL conference championship games could never happen, right? WRONG! (26:50) Review: Onoda. (30:55) Marlins traded Pablo Lopez and two prospects to the Twins for the 2022 AL batting champ Luis Arraez. Was this a smart deal? What about moving Jazz Chisholm to CF? Why is the team doing this? (36:55) NPPOD. (40:50) The Washington Commanders opened a sportsbook at FedEx Field. But guess what? You can’t place bets when the Commanders play at home. LOL. (44:50) Did you know there was a rule in the NFL that you cannot use foreign objects to line up a kick? Did you know that grass was a foreign object?

    Is your team still alive in the playoffs? I can't believe the Bills went out like that! Only fans that probably feel worse are the Giants fans! WOOF!

  • NFL Job Fair: Ravens, Dolphins, Vikings, Buccaneers all fire coordinators; Will Lamar Jackson stay in Baltimore? Will Bears stay in Chicago? (Episode 737)

    Today’s word of the day is ’necessary’ as in was it necessary as in was it unnecessary as in either the head coach is fired or the offensive coordinator is fired or the defensive coordinator is fired. That’s how sports operate. The NFL saw the Buccaneers, Ravens, Vikings, and Dolphins all fired coordinators yesterday. We’re now at 11 coordinator openings and 5 head coach openings. (7:55) Lamar Jackson still doesn’t have a deal done. John Harbaugh and Eric DeCosta met with the media and spoke about Jackson. The team needs a new OC. Lamar needs a new deal. The team says they want to keep him. Will they? (14:00) The Chicago Bears want to move to a new stadium. It’s been a massive battle. Former Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said his “sole focus” is getting the team to Arlington. (24:50) Review: Kaleidoscope. (29:40) The NBA played a game in Paris yesterday. Why is this important? Every sport wants to expand overseas. BUT! France is currently going through one of the biggest strikes in the country’s modern history. (39:40) NPPOD. (43:30) LIV Golf gets a TV deal with the CW Network. Are you going to watch?

    Have the best weekend ever! Be smart! Be safe! have fun!

  • What is Sean Payton worth? $20 Million? 1st round pick? Would you trade for him?; Cowboys bring in another kicker; Luka needs help in Dallas now! (Episode 736)

    Today’s word of the day is ’worth’ as in what is your value to a team as in what does it cost as in what will you be paid. Those are three different things and we’ll explain why. We’re talking about Sean Payton. WHo’s going to pay up for him? Is it worth it for the Broncos? Panthers? Texans? Cardinals? (15:20) What is the leash on Brett Maher for the Cowboys? He set a record for miseducating extra points in a game during the team’s win over Tampa. A kicker was added to the practice squad. Hmm. (25:10) Review: Aftersun. (29:00) NPPOD - What’s the future of Luka Doncic in Dallas? Has Mark Cuban done enough to help him? (35:40) So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me about Flyers Ivan Provorov protesting the pregame because the team had to wear Pride jerseys. Okay. (43:50) The New York Mets have signed Tommy Pham. The missed out on the Carlos Correa hurt-leg sweepstakes and now have to keep spending. And spending. And spending. 

    We're back to a day away from Friday and the weekend! You did it! Let's keep the energy up today even if you don't feel your best!

  • Sports and egos: Cardinals GM won't tolerate them, Aaron Rodgers shows his to Packers; which is right? Joe Burrow extension talk; Boras doing Correa damage control (Episode 735)

    Today’s word of the day is ’ego’ as in lego my ego as in new Arizona Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort said ego would not be tolerated in his organization. Why? That’s far from what should happen. Tom Brady? LeBron James? Michael Jordan? Did they have ego? Were they winners? What about Rafa Nadal? What about Aaron Rodgers? What about Serena Williams? Ego? (15:50) What is happening with Joe Burrow and a new deal? He still has a 4th year and possible 5th year team option. He’s going to get a big deal. Guaranteed. But why is the team president talking about it now? (27:20) Review: Inside Man. (29:20) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about the Reds ownership group saying that the amount of teams out of playoff contention in MLB has widened. Is this true? Is this good for baseball? (37:10) Scott Boras is in full damage control. He continues to talk about Carlos Correa and his medicals. Here’s why this is so important. (41:40) NPPOD. (42:40) Concordia University sees four members of athletic training staff quit after school brings head basketball coach back from suspension for running team into the hospital. What?

    We made it to Wednesday! Let's go! I just finished Mr. Robot last night and then started The Last of Us. Weekly releases are so depressing, BUT so is binge mode and then not having anything else to watch!

  • Did we just witness Tom Brady's last game ever!? Cowboys get it done, but here's the kicker; LeBron calls out NBA officiating; Major fighting in Baltimore (Episode 734)

    Today’s word of the day is ’what’s next’ as in not now as in not before as in what comes after as in Tom Brady might have just played his last game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was a disappointing outcome, but his time there was a success. He just looked bad. The team looked bad. The Dallas Cowboys ran them off the field. Where does Brady go now? (9:45) What went wrong with Brett Maher? Most extra points ever missed in a game! The Cowboys won easily, but is this story moving forward? Is this just a one off? (15:35) Jim Harbaugh is staying at Michigan. I got that wrong. We thought Harbaugh would take the leap again. Maybe he wasn’t going to get the control he wanted. Maybe the offers weren’t good enough. Maybe the NFL didn’t want him. (20:20) Review: The Donut King. (25:50) Officiating is under fire. We spoke about this yesterday and then LeBron James came out and tweeted about it. This is going to be a mess. There wasn’t a major face to this movement and now there is. (31:40) NPPOD. (34:30) John Angelos is the CEO of the Baltimore Orioles. John Angelos is fighting with his family. The Angelos family wants to see the Orioles, but there’s a lot of drama. We saw that drama in full display last night when John Angelos got into it with a reporter. (42:50) Lamar Jackson didn’t play in the Ravens loss. Fine. Players came out and spoke on his behalf and want him to be a Raven next season and the following years. Will it work?

    Taco tuesssssday!!!!!! We're here! I'm not a big taco guy tbh. I like empanadas more. "cool story, Matt" -- anyway, enjoy your day!

  • SUPER WILD CARD: Should Chargers collapse cost Staley his job?; Dolphins hang tough in Buffalo, but McDaniel time management doesn't; Paying Daniel Jones his money! (Episode 733)

    Today’s word of the day is ’super wild card’ as in not average wild card as in not kind cool wild card as in not really cool wild card as in SUPER wild card weekend. What does that even mean? Whatever. Let’s get to the games! Did you all see one of the biggest comebacks ever in Chargers-Jaguars? How do you blow a 27-point lead?! Is it time for Brandon Staley to go? (8:30) The Miami Dolphins almost got it done in Buffalo. So close! Is Mike McDaniel decision making to blame? Should he get credit for how well the team responded to an early lead? Can both be true? (15:55) Is it time for the Giants to pay Daniel Jones? Was this gave enough to prove that? Is one game enough? (18:30) Lamar Jackson was with the Ravens in spirit. That’s it. He’s still out hurt. He wasn’t at the game. The Ravens lose in heartbreak. Here comes the offseason of major questions. (21:25) Kliff Kingsbury has left the building. And the state. And the country. The former Cardinals coach has booked a one-way ticket to Thailand. Let’s go! (26:30) Review: The Inspection (31:20) What is the future of officiating in sports? We’ve seen problems in the NBA, the NFL, and MLB. Playoff game moments. End of game moments. Cheap fouls. Cheap flags. Bad strikes called. (38:20) NPPOD. (43:30) MLB opened up international signing period and it needs to be explained. 16-year old Ethan Salas was given $5.8M from the Padres. The Rangers signed Vlad Guerrero Sr’s 16-year old son to a deal. What happens here?

    Did your team win this weekend? Mine didn't. Sad!

  • Patriots Succession Plan: Is Jerod Mayo the key to life after Bill Belichick?; Woody Johnson says Jets are a QB away; Future of Trevor Bauer in MLB (Episode 732)

    Today’s word of the day is ’PSP’ as in Patriots Succession Plan as in the Patriots announced they want Jerod Mayo to stay longterm as in Bill Belichick could be looking for his replacement. Belichick is unquestionably the most decorated coach ever, but it could be time. Bill met with owner Robert Kraft and changes were coming. The team needs a new offensive coordinator. Mayo is being extended. Kraft is getting older. It’s a new dawn. (12:40) Are the New York Jets a QB away from competing? Woody Johnson thinks so. Owners meddling with teams is always the best. Especially a guy like Woody Johnson. Are they going to trade for Derek Carr? Are they going to trade for Lamar Jackson? (22:20) Review: Wildcat. (28:45) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about Trevor Bauer being released by the Dodgers. They wanted to know if any team would sign him. (39:10) NPPOD. (42:50) ChatGPT is here. The future is here. AI Technology is here.

    The weekend is here! You earned it! What's the drink of choice? or activity!? Let me know!

  • MLB sets revenue record: Where's the money going!?; Carlos Correa is really, truthfully, officially a Twin again; Dana White and a job of zero consequences (Episode 731)

    Today’s word of the day is ’record’ as in setting a high as in MLB has set a new revenue record! Can you believe it!? Isn’t baseball a dying sport? Or is it dead? What does this mean for payrolls? Everyone gets a raise! Or not… look for there to be way more fighting. As always with money. (14:50) Carlos Correa is officially back with the Minnesota Twins. He had the press conference. He put his old jersey back on. It is officially official. It happened. We can all move on. (24:30) Review: The Pale Blue Eye. (28:30) Dana White held a press conference on Wednesday and answered questions about being caught smacking his wife on camera. White said people shouldn’t be defending him. He also said that punishment for it wouldn’t do anything. Endeavor was silent. ESPN was silent. The UFC fanbase just doesn’t care. (36:10) NPPOD. (37:55) Tua Tagovailoa has been ruled out for the Miami Dolphins. His season is done… unless maybe if they make it to the next round? Head injuries are scary. Tua’s season has been plagued with them.

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  • Circle of life: Carlos Correa is back to the Twins! Red Sox announce Story surgery; Bears drafting a QB!? Jeff Saturday back in Indy!? (Episode 730)

    Today’s word of the day is ’circle’ as in the circle of life as in Simba as in Nala as in Mufasa as in Scar as in Carlos Correa is back to the Minnesota Twins after a 28 day whirlwind of a decision. He was set to be on the Giants. He was set to be on the Mets. And now he’s set to be on the Twins again. What?! (8:20) The Boston Red Sox have a problem. Trevor Story is going to miss time after getting surgery to repair a problem with his UCL in his throwing arm. Another big deal the team handed out, and another player hurt. What did Chaim Bloom have to say about this? (13:00) The Chicago Bears failed into the top pick in the NFL Draft. What is the team going to do? GM Ryan Poles says that Justin Fields is the QB and some QB in the draft would have to blow him away. Sure. (24:20) Golden Globes Reaction. (33:20) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me if the Colts are guaranteed to bring back Jeff Saturday. There’s a lot going on in Indy. Jim Irsay is doing the most. GM Chris Ballard is lost. (39:00) NPPOD. (40:20) What happened in the Miami Heat game last night? Dewayne Demon was ejected and threw a fit. What is Pat Riley going to do?

    Look at that! You made it to the middle of the week again! Keep going, it's almost Friday!

  • Breaking: Carlos Correa agrees to 6-year, $200M with Minnesota Twins! HERE WE GO AGAIN!

    Carlos Correa is onto his 3rd team of the offseason. First it was the Giants. 2nd it was the Mets. Now it’s back to the Twins! How did this happen? Was this a smart decision by the Twins? We'll break it all down now!

  • Kyler Murray wins: Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim out in Arizona; NFL continues to protect Goodell from Bills-Bengals; Caarlos Correa to the TWINS!? (Episode 729)

    Today’s word of the day is ’extension’ as in extended as in one more year as in two more years as in three mores years and so on! Kliff Kingsbury, extension. Kliff Kingsbury, fired. Steve Keim, extension. Steve Keim, fired. Kyler Murray is now the top sheriff in Arizona. The Arizona Cardinals are paying everyone and most of them won’t be on the team. (15:35) We have another update on the situation room during the Bengals-Bills game. ESPN says one thing. The teams are saying one thing. The NFL is saying another thing. Roger Goodell is saying nothing. (28:20) Review: Decision to Leave. (31:10) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about Bernie Kosar being fired for placing a bet on the Browns-Steelers game. Kosar was doing radio for Cleveland, word came out that he was betting on this game, and he was still fired for it. (38:20) NPPOD. (40:20) Is Carlos Correa headed back to the Minnesota Twins? Could that really be happening? Not the Giants. Not the Mets. What is going on with Scott Boras and Steve Cohen?

    If you think you're having a bad day just remember it can't go worse than it did for TCU last night!

  • Will Aaron Rodgers walk away from the Packers this year?; Texans fire Lovie Smith after winning, but losing top pick!; Trevor Bauer career in LA is over (Episode 728)

    Today’s word of the day is ’carousel’ as in the coaching carousel as in the QB carousel as in Aaron Rodgers and the Packers did not make the playoffs. Is this it for Rodgers in Green Bay? His comments and actions after the game made it seem so. (3:00) Lovie Smith has been fired after one season with the Houston Texans. The Texans won the final game of the season and that moved them out of the first overall pick. Wooo buddy! (8:20) And we’re back to talking about Aaron Rodgers. (13:40) The NFL honored Damar Hamlin across the league. The Buffalo Bills did the nobel thing and paid Hamlin although he’s on the IR. (24:30) Review: Emancipation. (27:30) So You Wanna Talk to Samson!? Someone asked me about coaching searches and teams reaching out for permission to interview a coach. Is Sean Payton going to sign with a team this year? If he does, whatever team signs him, has to send the Saints at least one first round pick. What about Sean McVay? What about Bill Belichick? (32:10) NPPOD. (35:25) Trevor Bauer was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’ll be paid his salary for the season, but his career with the Dodgers is done. Will any team sign him now?

    It's Monday! But that doesn't mean it has to be a bad day! Let's make the best of it. Continue to set some goals. You got this!

  • NFL cancels Bills-Bengals, releases every possible AFC Playoff scenario: neutral-site AFC Champ game, coin toss advantages; Chris Beard fired by Texas (Episode 727)

    Today’s word of the day is ’won’ as in Damar Hamlin asked if the Bills had won the game against the Bengals he was rushed away from. The Bills-Bengals game has officially been canceled. The NFL has released all the playoff scenarios. These still need to be voted on by the owners. Neutral site AFC championship games. Coin flips to decide home-field advantage. Roger Goodell had some decisions to make. Texas announced that Chris Beard has been fired as the school’s college basketball coach following a domestic violence incident. Someone asked about this situation and if Beard will get paid or go to jail. (31:30) Review: The Old Man. (33:30) IS Jim Harbaugh heading the NFL? Is it happening again? Could he be leaving Michigan for the Colts? Panthers? (39:00) NPPOD

    How is it already Friday!? WHO CARES! Let's enjoy the weekend!

  • Rafael Devers gets MONSTER deal from Red Sox; 10 days since a Carlos Correa update; US Soccer gives us craziest story of 2023! (Episode 726)

    Today’s word of the day is ’discount’ as in the Boston Red Sox have signed Rafael Devers to an 11-year, $331M deal. Are you happy Red Sox fans? Did he take the hometown discount to stay in Boston? Was this the best decision by an organization trying to rebuild itself? The pressure was on and John Henry and Chaim Bloom did what they wanted to, not what the fans wanted. (16:30) What in the world is happening with Carlos Correa? It’s now been 10 days since we’ve gotten an update on this situation. Correa is still not a Met. Will he be? (28:00) Review: White Noise (30:35) We’ve got the craziest story of the year and we’re only five days into it. Gio Reyna was in Gregg Berhalter’s dog house because of behavior issues at the World Cup. Fine. Gio Reyna’s parents, Claudio and Danielle, apparently called executives and gave information about a domestic violence situation that took place when Berhalter was 18 years old against his current wife. All because they were mad that Gio wasn’t playing. Wow. (43:20) NPPOD

    Let's hear some New Year's resolutions! It's not to late to set some goals!

  • NFL postpones Bills-Bengals and here's how it happened; Is Tua Time over in Miami this year? Why so much silence following Dana White incident? (Episode 725)

    Today’s word of the day is ’protocol’ as in what happened after Bills Damar Hamlin went down and the decisions that were made by the NFL to postpone the game. There were first responders on the scene. There was medical staff on the scene. Transportation routes were set. Decisions needed to be made about the game. About what happens next. Hamlin’s charity saw an influx of $6M that now needs to be handled. There are a lot of questions needing to be answered - but the most important thing is Hamlin’s health. (24:10) Review: The Menu. (26:30) Tua Tagovailoa is back in the concussion protocol after a hit to his head again. This has become a nightmare season for Tua. Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins cannot allow him to play again this year. Player safety is a major issue in the NFL and this makes it worse. (35:35) NPPOD. (38:30) Dana White was caught on video slapping his wife after she appeared to hit him. What is the UFC going to do about this? What is ESPN going to do about this?

    First show of the New Year! Let's have a day!

  • 2022 is over! Top Sports Stories of the Year! Top 10 Movies of the Year! Top 6 TV Shows of the Year! How is it already 2023!?

    Today’s word of the day is ‘2022’ as in this is the last NPDS of the year. 2022 was here and now it’s gone. How fast is time flying? Is 2020 still real? How about 2021? Did time stop or fast forward? Let’s start things off with the Top 5 sports stories of the year. (8:10) What is going to happen in 2023? What are some stories that you should keep your eye on? (12:45) We have a bunch of Wait To See’s that have been pending that we need to close out before the end of 2022. (22:30) Top 10 Movies of 2022. (28:30) Top 6 TV Shows of 2022. (33:35) 2022 New Year’s Resolutions Update. (38:30) Here are my 2023 New Year’s Resolutions.

    Welp, it's a wrap for 2022! Let's bring some good energy and positivity into the new year! Thank you all for supporting the show! Let's be great!

  • Is Carlos Correa going to be on the Mets or not!? What is MLB doing right now?; Russell Wilson or Nathaniel Hackett: Who do the Broncos keep? (Episode 724)

    Today’s word of the day is ’progress’ as in Carlos Correa is a Met but he’s not a Met but he is a Met? What in the world is happening? Were the San Francisco Giants right? Is Scott Boras hiding something? Does Steve Cohen even care!? (16:10) What is going on with the Denver Broncos? Russell Wilson is bad. Nathaniel Hackett is worse. And the team just stinks. (27:20) Review: Glass Onion. (31:55) We have a story of movie trailers that you’ll want to pay attention to. Ana de Armas is at the center of it all. (38:00) NPPOD. (40:30) We have more betting drama in the NFL. Jets WR coach Miles Austin has been suspended for betting on sports. Here we go again. What about Zach Wilson? Is the team going to bet on him to be the QB of the future?

    Hope you had a great weekend and got lots of presents! The new year is almost here! Let's have a day!

  • Trevor Bauer is back in MLB - Will the Dodgers welcome him home?; WE told you MLB owners were going to be mad at Steve Cohen! (Episode 723)

    Today’s word of the day is ’reinstated’ as in you are allowed back as in Trevor Bauer got the approval to return to the Dodgers as in an independent arbitrator has ruled on lowering the amount of games Bauer is suspended from. What happens next? Does he play for the Dodgers again? Do the Dodgers owe him money? Will any team sign him if he’s released? (23:15) Steve Cohen warned everyone last year that he was going to sign big free agents. MLB owners are mad. Some are okay with this. We aren’t here to tell you anything other than the truth around the league. (39:20) Review: Bones and All. (41:50) The Jets have a QB problem. Zach Wilson was benched. Came back as the starter. And then was just benched again in the team’s loss last night. What should this team do? (44:30) NPPOD.

    It's Friday! Have a safe and lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas! Hope you get everything you wanted and more! Spend some time with the family, if you don't have one -- reach out to me on Twitter and we can talk!