There's a lot going on in the Pennsylvania sports betting scene in August. There's an in-state baseball team in the thick of the postseason race. It's also football time for the state's numerous collegiate and pro teams. PA sports betting will be focused on those teams, as well as other national events like golf, auto racing and MMA as football season gets set to kick off in just a matter of weeks. The state has already seen over $1 billion in handle come in since Pennsylvania mobile sports betting became legal in 2019. The hunt for the best Pennsylvania sports book promo code and Pennsylvania sports book deposit offer has clearly brought many players into the gaming scene, and bettors are getting in on the action by the thousands.

If you are a first-time bettor at Pennsylvania online sportsbooks, learning all the best betting terms can be a little overwhelming. Here is a helpful guide to get you started so you can wager like a pro.

How to bet on sports in Pennsylvania

Here are several ways you can bet on sports in Pennsylvania from our friends at SportsLine:

Run line: As baseball heads down the stretch, it's important to know the betting options. Betting on one team to win outright is done on the money line, but there's also the run line, which functions like a spread for this sport. If Philadelphia is -1.5 (+120) against Pittsburgh, that means Philadelphia would need to win the game by two runs or more for the bet to cash. The +120 in parenthesis means that bet would return $120 for every $100 wagered.

Three-way money line: International soccer is getting underway in August as well. You'll often see a three-way money line in this sport, with a choice for either team to win in regulation or a draw. Team A could be a +120 favorite, while Team B might be +400 and a regulation draw could return +300. These odds are generally longer since there are three possible outcomes as opposed to two.

Futures: August is the month that a vast majority of futures are placed for football. These are future bets on win totals, who will win a championship, who will lead the league in passing or who will win MVP. There are big payouts for picking a winner, but the downside of these bets is that they come with a lot of risk since there are so many choices and payouts might not come until months after they are placed.

Where to find the best Pennsylvania sports betting advice

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