Sports betting in Wyoming has completely changed the game. Since Wyoming sports betting legalization last September, millions of dollars have been bet in the Cowboy state, with residents able to wager on their favorite teams, against their arch-rivals, and everything in between. Moreover, with the playoffs in pro basketball and hockey in full swing, the opportunities to wager are endless and more accessible than ever. As sports gambling grows, it's never been easier for sports bettors to receive offers through Wyoming sportsbook promo codes. Sports bettors can capitalize on everything Wyoming sports betting deposit codes have to offer by utilizing unique sportsbook promo codes and special offers such as risk-free bets, deposit matches, odds boosts, and more.

How to bet on sports in Wyoming

Here are several ways you can bet on sports in Wyoming from our friends at SportsLine:

Futures: A futures bet is a wager in advance of an event, usually with longer odds, that can allow the bettor to predict the future. The most common futures bets are on win totals or winning a championship. For example, before the pro football season, you can place a bet on Dallas Cowboys to win it all. This future bet would operate like any other bet, and if Dallas wins, you will receive the payout at the conclusion of the season.

Against the Spread: Betting ATS refers to betting against a pre-determined line. Unlike a money line bet, even if the picked team wins, the team would have to win by a specific number of points. For example, if a team is favored by three (-3), that bettor would need that team to win by four or more to win.

Teaser: A teaser is a specific and unique against the spread bet where bettors can adjust the point spread or total in their favor for a decreased payout. Most commonly used in football, a teaser allows a bettor to reduce the number of points a team needs to win by. However, the bettor usually needs to combine multiple events to get an equivalent payout. For example, if two teams are favored by seven (-7), a bettor can combine both into one bet and tease it to -1. While the odds decrease with teasers, it does give the bettor more of an opportunity to win.

Where to find the best Wyoming sports betting advice

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