Alex Morgan plans to play in 2020 Summer Olympics following pregnancy

Alex Morgan is expecting a baby girl in April, but that isn't stopping the United States women's soccer star from preparing for the future. In an interview with USA Today on Tuesday, Morgan revealed that she plans on playing for the United States Women's National Team in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

"I hope to get back on the field as soon as possible," Morgan said. "After having a healthy baby, I want to get back with the national team and look forward to playing in Tokyo."

The 2020 Summer Olympics are set to begin on July 24 in Tokyo, three months after Morgan is expected to give birth. For Morgan, she wants to be the next great athlete that continues their career after becoming a mother.

"There are so many women that have been able to come back to their respective sport after pregnancy and continue to have a successful family while playing their sport that they love at the highest level," Morgan added. "I plan to follow in those footsteps and be one of those women who have a family and carry my daughter around as I'm going to the next city to play. And I still want to continue to enjoy the sport that I've been playing for all my life."

Morgan has scored 14 goals and registered four assists playing for the United States since 2011. She also scored six goals and recorded three assists in the national team's run to the 2019 World Cup title this past summer.

The United States defeated the Netherlands 2-0 in the World Cup final and Morgan being a huge part of that triumph. They also won the gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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