Antoine Griezmann channels LeBron James with 'The Decision,' picks Atletico Madrid over Barcelona transfer

Move over LeBron James. Atletico Madrid star striker Antoine Griezmann held his very own "The Decision" on Thursday. Set to announce if he would transfer to Barcelona or stay at Atletico Madrid, the star French attacker chose to stay put in the Spanish capital. 

In eight videos tweeted out by telecommunications company Movistar, Griezmann finished up by saying "I've decided to stay" before it shows him in front of Atletico Madrid's stadium. 

There are many reasons why I hate this.

  1. It was a huge waste of time. People sitting around 45 minutes to watch fabricated videos of him acting like he's having serious conversations over his future with his wife. Feels so phony, and makes me wonder how much he got paid by Movistar. 
  2. He didn't end up deciding to go anywhere else, which is a buzz kill. Why put fans of your club through this? Public relations nightmare in my book. I can't imagine this settling well with any Atleti fan. They'll take the decision, but not how it was presented. 
  3. LeBron raised $2.5 million for charity as a result of his decision, points out. Hopefully some charity benefits from this waste of time. 

It just seems like an unneeded distraction, especially before the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup for France. Surely his French teammates already knew, because if not, this would cause a headache that isn't needed. Wasn't failing to beat a U-23 United States team enough?

You may carry on with what you were doing. Just another silly "decision." Next time, decide not to do it, Griezmann. 

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