You thought the United States women's national team's 13-0 win over Thailand at the 2019 Women's World Cup was bad? Move over, champs, because that's far from the craziest soccer score that happened in 2019. 

In Brazil on Saturday, Flamengo's women's team destroyed Greminho by an unthinkable scoreline. It was much worse than 20-0 or 30-0. In the most lopsided scoreline I can remember in any sport, Flamengo won 56-0 in the Rio state league. That's a goal in less than every two minutes.

It's hard to comprehend how there could be that much difference, but I'm not going to act like I know much about women's soccer in Brazil. That's a crazy scoreline though, and for those who thought the USWNT ran up the score, what do you think about this?

The tweet above said it's the most lopsided score in the league's history, but I'll argue it's probably the biggest any of us have seen. The one game that comes to mind for me is Australia beating American Samoa in men's soccer 31-0 on April 11, 2001. That, of course, helped inspire the awesome film "Next Goal Wins" starring CBS Sports soccer analyst Thomas Rongen. 

Supposedly a game in Madagascar several years ago ended 149-0 because a team kept scoring own goals to protest the refs, but that isn't what happened here. 

As for this one, it makes you wonder if we will ever see another soccer scoreline on the professional level as dominant as this.

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