Lionel Messi isn't normally one to overreact when it comes to a tackle, but on Wednesday he did just that. In Barcelona's Champions League semifinal showdown against Liverpool, a challenge came in from James Milner near the sideline. Messi went down easily and rolled several times in pain. He then argued that the ref give a yellow card to Milner, but it didn't happen. Take a look:

He went down a bit too easy there. Messi has gotten worse knocks and hasn't fallen down. On this play, it was as if Messi was waiting for a strong challenge from Milner, though the Englishman didn't get him all that much. It's as if there was a prior play in the past that had Messi on alert. Oh yeah, this:

In the end, Messi doesn't get Milner and yellow and just looks foolish in the process. 

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