Champions League: Roma's Edin Dzeko has an embarrassing flop after locking heads with Porto's Pepe

While most soccer fans were watching Paris Saint-Germain's outrageous collapse against Manchester United, Roma and FC Porto were in a heated match of their own in Portugal. That match came to a head -- so to speak -- when Roma's Edin Dzeko got in the face of Porto's Pepe. After Pepe gave Dzeko a very pointed message and the two touched foreheads, Dzeko collapsed to the ground.

Pepe must have a very powerful voice.

Dzeko grasping his forehead in pain as he falls should absolutely get him an award, especially because it looks like they're both generating a lot of contact. It just goes to show: Words do hurt.

Both players received yellow cards for the altercation, and Pepe will miss the next match if Porto does advance after receiving his second card.

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