Chelsea reportedly sacks Antonio Conte, and Twitter has a lot of mixed feelings

Antonio Conte reportedly being fired by Chelsea on Thursday doesn't come as much of a shock. The former Italy manager, who came on in 2016, led Chelsea to a Premier League title and an FA Cup championship in his short span on Chelsea's bench. However, he wasn't present at the team's training this summer, which was a clear sign that he wouldn't be with the team for the last 12 months of his contract.

Replacing "The Godfather" on the bench will reportedly be Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri.

Some Chelsea fans weren't terribly upset by the news.

For other fans, however, the departure is a bit more bittersweet.

There's a lot to unpack from Conte's firing, but the bottom line is that constant bickering with the team made his situation in Chelsea untenable. That combined with his beef with Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho making Chelsea a target seemed to simply be too much to reconcile with. Conte may be fondly remembered by some Chelsea fans for his success with the team, but to others the bickering will only serve to mar his tenure on Chelsea's bench.

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