Chelsea vs. Manchester City score, player ratings: Ziyech ends Guardiola's quadruple hopes in FA Cup semifinal

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Chelsea ended Manchester City's hopes of a remarkable quadruple of trophies as Hakim Ziyech's second half goal fired Thomas Tuchel's side to the FA Cup Final.

In a cagey encounter dominated by defensive football a second half dart in behind from Timo Werner and pass to Ziyech were enough to earn Thomas Tuchel his first win over Pep Guardiola and set the German on course for his first piece of silverware since taking over at Stamford Bridge in January. In little time at all he has forged a defensively excellent Chelsea side who are a win against Leicester or Southampton away from a ninth FA Cup title.

How did everybody perform in this match? Read our player ratings below.

Chelsea player ratings

Kepa -- Goalkeeper

  • Played 90 minutes.

A bright start from the world's most expensive goalkeeper, who looked comfortable as City pressed his passing outlets. For the most part he had little to do with his gloves though he did save well from Gabriel Jesus early in the match. Rating: 6

Cesar Azpilicueta -- Defender

  • Played 90 minutes.

A clumsy pass in the ninth minute, setting City on a move that ended with Jesus shooting from a good position, was just what Azpilicueta needed to focus and he soon set about dictating his battle with Raheem Sterling. Whenever the England international took a heavy touch Chelsea's captain was there to rob him of possession. Rating: 8

Thiago Silva -- Defender

  • Played 87 minutes.

Back pain early on seemed to limit his efficacy jumping for high balls -- he lost Fernandinho for a first half header -- but his defending remained purposeful and powerful. Despite the injury that was hampering him throughout Silva's impressively swift sweeping in behind keeping City from testing Kepa. Rating: 7

Antonio Rudiger -- Defender

  • Played 90 minutes.

His long diagonals were a crucial weapon in unleashing Timo Werner over the top and he held firm in his customarily robust fashion when pressure grew from Manchester City in the closing stages. Rating: 7

Reece James -- Defender/Midfielder

  • Played 90 minutes.

A superb cross in the 19th minute teed up Ben Chilwell at the back post and that was typical of a first half performance where Chelsea heavily relied on his incisive passing from wide and he delivered. James was no less impressive on the back foot, making a superb recovery run to block an offside Gabriel Jesus' avenue to goal (he was not to know). Rating: 7

Ben Chilwell -- Defender/Midfielder

  • Played 90 minutes.

Though it was not an easy opportunity to finish by any stretch of the imagination Chilwell spurned the first half's best chance by volleying wide. That aside he defended impressively against the unique challenge of Joao Cancelo and latterly Ilkay Gundogan. Rating: 7

N'Golo Kante -- Midfielder

  • Played 90 minutes.

If there were moments when his hard work in Sevilla looked to have taken the usual burst out of his legs there were still as many where Kante could pick up the ball and quickly advance Chelsea 10 yards up the pitch. As others tired the World Cup winner grew more assertive, mopping up attacks outside the penalty area and carrying the ball to safety. Rating: 8

Jorginho -- Midfielder

  • Played 90 minutes.

One of those quietly impressive off ball performances that are becoming the norm from Jorginho where he made plenty of tackles and interceptions while keeping possession moves ticking over while he was on the ball. Rating: 7

Mason Mount -- Attacker

  • Played 70 minutes.

This was a relatively peripheral game by Mount albeit one where he did all the things manager so appreciate from him even in quiet games: diligent pressings, solid work in possession and consistently showing for passes. His substitution seemed to be as much due to injury as any tactical problems, Rating: 7 

Hakim Ziyech -- Attacker (⚽ 55')

  • Played 90 minutes.

Ziyech was hugely impressive as something akin to a free roamer in attack, when the likes of Chilwell and Werner burst in behind you could see him hanging back just a fraction to make those late runs. It worked perfectly when he struck for Chelsea's opener. Rating: 8

Timo Werner -- Attacker

  • Played 90 minutes.

Early on he brought to mind Sir Alex Ferguson's description of Fillipo Inzaghi, a player who was "born offside". It is all the more befuddling when he showed that he could give defenders a headstart and still lap them. He only needed to get it right once however and his 12th assist came from customarily unselfish play as he turned down a shooting chance to tee Ziyech up for a better one. Rating: 7

Christian Pulisic -- Substitute (Mount, 70')

  • Played 20 minutes.

It was a rather lonely furrow for Pulisic to plough as the most advanced presser against a City side dominating the ball. He rarely got to show what he could do though an excellent late run and finish was denied by a tight offside call. Rating: 5

Emerson -- Substitute (Ziyech, 79')

  • Played 11 minutes

The left-back pressed high up the pitch in an advanced role before dropping back when City advanced far enough. Rating: 5

Kai Havertz -- Substitute (Werner, 79')

  • Played 11 minutes

He hardly entered the game at a time to suit his qualities but did all that was asked from him in closing passing lanes and pressing defenders. Rating: 5

Kurt Zouma -- Substitute (Silva, 87')

  • Played 3 minutes

The Frenchman entered when Silva's back could hold out no more but did not have much to do bar one late header. Rating: N/A

 Thomas Tuchel -- Head coach

It may not be that easy on the eye but he has forged an outstanding defensive side from this Chelsea squad, one that does not just get lucky but is extremely capable of keeping good teams very far from their penalty area. Rating: 8

Manchester City player ratings

Zack Steffen -- Goalkeeper

  • Played 90 minutes

Failed his first test of the match getting caught in no man's land as Werner broke in behind, leaving the goal wide open for Werner to square it for Ziyech's goal. Did bail his defense out with a nice save shortly thereafter. Rating: 4

Benjamin Mendy -- Defender

  • Played 90 minutes

No space for him to get forward but wasn't often exposed defensively. Beaten by Ziyech for the goal, but mostly wasn't at fault given all that went wrong ahead of him. A quiet day in both the good and the bad sense. Rating: 5

Aymeric Laporte -- Defender

  • Played 90 minutes

Was busier than usual for a City center back, and ably ran with Werner preventing dangerous possession from turning into shots on the left side of the pitch. Rating: 6

Ruben Dias -- Defender

  • Played 90 minutes

Shakier than this partner. Werner broke through to set up the goal on his side, and he was almost beaten in behind again moments later. Rating: 4

Joao Cancelo -- Defender

  • Played 90 minutes

In a game without City's customary possession dominance he still managed to get forward and put the ball into dangerous areas in the box but was also caught up field on Chelsea's opener. Rating: 5

Fernandinho -- Midfield

  • Played 90 minutes

It's less about what he did do, and more about the fact that City's defensive line was busy thanks to his failure to stop attacks before they got started. Rating: 4

Rodri -- Midfield

  • Played 90 minutes

Quiet composed possession is less helpful when nobody around you is building on the platform you create. His forays forward later in the match amounted to nothing as well. Rating: 5 

Kevin De Bruyne -- Midfield

  • Played 47 minutes

In a messy game he had to come and find the ball in midfield which meant he was less influential around the final third than usual. Was forced off with an injury shortly after halftime. Rating: 6

Ferran Torres -- Forward

  • Played 63 minutes

A match which needed forwards to help move the ball up the pitch was not a good fit for a winger who is most influential  in and around the box. Spent his hour on the pitch waiting for passes that never came. Rating: 3

Raheem Sterling -- Forward

  • Played 90 minutes

Only City attacking player who brought energy, driving forward and at the defense with the ball rather than circulating possession. Still, neither he nor anybody else created much in the way of danger. Rating: 6 

Gabriel Jesus -- Forward

  • Played 90 minutes

Barely touched the ball, though at least some of that was a lack of service from the rest of City's attack corps. Was narrowly offside for a great opportunity to equalize, which he declined to shoot anyway. Rating: 4

Phil Foden -- Substitute (De Bruyne, 47')

  • Played 43 minutes

Popped up in dangerous places and was involved in most of the good moves City made while chasing the match. There just weren't enough of them. Rating: 6

 Ilkay Gundogan -- Substitute (Torres, 63')

  • Played 27 minutes

Like Foden, his introduction coincided with City doing a better job chasing the match, but never actually found a moment of magic. Rating: 5

 Pep Guardiola -- Manager

Made eight changes from Tuesday's Champions League lineup and ended up with a side that produced only 1 shots, and three on target, despite chasing the match for over half an hour. Very little urgency. Rating: 4

Chelsea 1, Manchester City 0

⚽ Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea, 55')

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