Christian Pulisic is the budding superstar for the United States me's soccer team, but he's only a part of the puzzle. Jurgen Klinsmann and Bruce Arena have manned the last two Team USA regimes, and the results have been... lackluster. The United States isn't at the level of South American or European national teams right now, that much is easy to accept, but an insanely disappointing fifth-place finish in CONCACAF qualifiers kept the Americans out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup -- a much tougher pill to swallow.

As the search for a new manager continues, Pulisic really isn't asking for much.

"Yeah, I just want to see a guy with a plan. A guy with a great plan moving forward, and having a real style," Pulisic told ESPN. "And planning going into how we're gonna play -- what style we're gonna be in -- and how we're gonna go about these games and how we're gonna go about qualifying and just have a real identity as a team."

Any USA system will have to revolve around the 20-year-old, but Pulisic said that it's on the coach to figure out what it's going to be.

"...The coach comes in and I think he has to have his own idea about [the style]," Pulisic said. "I think he has to see the personnel and the team and kind of figure that out. And we have some young, exciting guys and see how he's gonna work with that -- and that's for us and him to figure out."

Pulisic is making it clear that he'll try to fit into any scheme a new coach brings, which is promising. Interim coach Dave Sarachen is extended through the end of the year, so it's still a waiting game to see who will try to harness the "young, exciting" talent that Pulisic is talking about.