Costa Rica coach Gustavo Matosas steps down, says being an international soccer manager was too 'boring'

Sometimes things are just not as fun as you think they will be. Just ask Gustavo Matosas, who resigned as Costa Rica men's national team coach less than a year into the job because it was too "boring." 

On Wednesday, Matosas brought up the difference between managing a club team and a national team as one of the reasons why he chose to step down just days before Costa Rica's friendly match against Uruguay on Friday. "I realized that in the national side I feel unproductive even though I kill myself watching videos," he said. 

He went on to explain why this is not his dream job:

"I didn't know being a national team manager was so boring. I don't regret it and I don't leave frustrated because I gave my best. I won't manage a national team again. I can't only have the players every two months. It's not for me."

His responsibilities while his players were off with their club teams were obviously not thrilling enough to make the job worth it in his eyes, and upon recognizing that he decided to leave. Who wants to stay at a boring job if they can help it?

Being the national team head coach may sound fancy, but there is a lot of down time with only a 12 or so matches per year. The players spend most of their time with playing for their clubs, rather than the national team, and the 52-year-old clearly felt this limited time with the players was not enough. From his statements it appears he will walk out of the position glad he tried it and happy with his efforts.

Before taking this position he was a player and a manager for many club teams. I imagine he will look for something he finds more riveting for his next gig. 

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