Cristiano Ronaldo's move to Juventus from Real Madrid on July 10 came with a whopping $116 million transfer fee, but fear not for Juventus' pocket books. He can cover the damage. According to Business Insider, Juventus sold about 520,000 Ronaldo jerseys -- or $60 million worth -- in just 24 hours. That would cover over half of his buyout.

Of course, inking arguably the biggest player in the world to your already dominant Serie A team won't ever hurt the bottom line. Juventus has won the last seven Serie A titles, so that bandwagon is mighty easy to hop onto at the moment. Obviously Juventus doesn't recoup the full $60 million -- 10-15 percent of Adidas' sales go to the club (so $6 million to $9 million), but there are other major benefits to having one of the most marketable stars in Europe on the team. You can find Ronaldo's jersey at our CBS Sports Shop.

The move is generating an incredible amount of interest in Serie A (Juventus in particular) that wasn't present before, Premier League and La Liga generally dominate international attention. Juventus' Twitter saw a 1.5 million follower spike in just a day, and 500,000 new followers on Facebook.

Juventus, needless to say, is miles ahead of any other team in Serie A odds. Oddschecker has Juventus at 5-11 odds. Roma is next at 8-1 as of July 18. If Juventus can start to achieve international success -- such as UEFA Champions League success -- the Ronaldo Effect will only be more apparent.