Cristiano Ronaldo, in giant paper-mache form, takes over Carnival of Viareggio in Italy

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo made a surprise appearance at the Carnival of Viareggio in Italy on Sunday, or at least a giant paper-mache version of him did. The world famous carnival is known to feature famous and popular figures on this float, but this one was exceptionally show-stopping. 

The Juventus star was depicted as a giant, silver, robot-like figure that had a Ken Barbie doll feel. Behind the ginormous figure were pipes, wheels and hooks, and it stood dramatically under a sign that read "IDOL."

As if the whole look of the athlete was not enough, it also moved, allowing paper-mache Ronaldo to flex and point at the crowd. It doesn't end there though. Fake Ronaldo was surrounded with fake fire and very real people all dressed alike who joined him on the platform and lead the float on the street. 

Has Ronaldo not suffered enough with statues of himself? Need I remind you of the horrible bronze statue made of the star that mangled his face and left people questioning what photo was used as a guide? For those who were able to erase that statue from their memory, here is a refresher:

Ronaldo can now add this robo-idol-knight-superhero-looking statue to his resume of odd depictions of himself. 

Credit where credit is due, making a statue of that size out of paper-mache and making it look like metal can't be easy, so the artist is applauded for the feat, but that doesn't mean it was well-received by soccer fans. 

The approach was bold, to put it kindly, and definitely caught the attention of not just everyone at the carnival, but people who saw the photos on social media.  

The general reaction was...

Mixed in with a little...

and one question: "Why?"

Some people left us scared with a zoomed in screenshot of the statue.

Other people jumped right to comparisons. 

We just want to know what Ronaldo thinks of it.

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