Cristiano Ronaldo red card: Juventus star sent off in tears in first Champions League match and Twitter has jokes

In just the 29th minute of his first Champions League match with Juventus on Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo got a red card for pulling on the hair of Jeison Murillo. Ronaldo was beside himself for the straight red, crying as he left the pitch. The red will result in Ronaldo missing Juventus' opener against Young Boys.

This comes the day after Lionel Messi buried a hat trick for Barcelona, including a disgusting free kick floater. It's a tough break for Ronaldo, and a rocky start to his UCL career with Juventus.

So, what's the call? Fair or foul? VAR isn't a thing in UCL ... yet. So the straight red wasn't reviewed as it would have been in World Cup play.

Fans weren't exactly in agreement on the validity of the call, but they got over it to mock Ronaldo a little bit.

This is ultimately the decision that will dominate the conversation around this match, as it has far-reaching implications for Juventus. Ronaldo will presumably appeal his red card to the UEFA. He's made 162 Champions League appearances after Wednesday, and this is Ronaldo's first red card.

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