Croatia fans 'causing terror,' raising huge security concerns at Euro 2016

Not good, not good at all. Getty Images

As if the threat of terrorism wasn't enough ahead of Euro 2016, more problems continue to cast a dark shadow above France during the tournament.

First there was the violence between English and Russian fans, and now the scenes from Croatia's match with Czech Republic, where Croatia fans appeared to be sabotaging their team by throwing flares on the pitch while winning 2-1. Croatia would end up drawing 2-2.

Many questions remain: Why did they do this? How in the heck did they get flares into the stadium? What's next?

Here's what Croatia manager Ante Cacic said about the incident:

And check out this series of tweets from Aleksandar Holiga, a soccer writer from Croatia, who labels it a product of the Croatia soccer federation, calling the top dog a 'criminal.'

Just a bit startling, even more so when players are considering the option of not playing. There is no justification to throwing things onto the pitch, win or lose, but to do so when winning is even more baffling. Croatia was on its way to its second victory of the competition and had been playing well.

Now the other concern is, how do they get by security with those? And if those can get by, what else can get by?

During the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris in November, we saw the impact on the soccer world when bombs were exploded outside the Stade de France. If these guys can get in with flares, we begin to fear the worst when it comes to others once the imagination runs wild.

As for what happens next, perhaps there will be some punishment for Croatia, and specific fans should be charged if it's possible to identify them. But there also has to be some change in the security for the match.

I was at the Champions League final in Milan at the end of May, and the security there was tight as can be. There were three-to-four security points where you got a pat down, opened up your bag, were scanned again. Whatever is going on at Euro, it's not working, and it's scary to see.

Let's hope this gets fixed before things get worse.

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