Miami's new Major League Soccer expansion team, which features David Beckham as one of the owners, unveiled its official logo and name on Wednesday. The team, which is expected to debut in 2020, will be named Club Internacional de Futbol Miami, and it will be referred to more so by its shorter name, Inter Miami. Featuring a unique crest that features herons and the colors pink and black, the club showed off the news on Twitter like this:

So what are the details of the crest? The club says that the the Great White Heron, when it comes to mythology, is a symbol of power, protection, and patience. The eclipse between the two birds represent the dedication and determination of the people of Miami to work day and night to realize their dreams, with the sun's seven rays an homage to the career of Beckham, who was known for wearing the number, as well as honoring the seven seas that bring people to Miami from the seven continents. 

It's certainly a different color shade than maybe some expected, and one that has not been used primarily in MLS. Italian side Palermo uses pink and black as well as gold. But it's a bold logo and even bolder colors, giving the club uniqueness right away.

Inter Miami is expected to begin playing in MLS in 2020.

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