This is probably the weirdest thing you'll read all day. Ecuador striker Enner Valencia, who plays his club soccer for Everton in the Premier League, reportedly faked an injury during Thursday's World Cup qualifier against Chile in an attempt to escape police who had a warrant for his arrest concerning failed child support payments.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the Everton striker was confronted by police after training this week and also supposedly before Thursday's game and allegedly owes $17,000 in child support payments.

Here's a video from Radio Super K-800 in Ecuador showing police confronting Valencia (white shirt, white headphones at about the 20-second mark) before the match.

And per Andres Araneda, a journalist in Ecuador, Valencia faked an injury in the second half of Thursday's game in an attempt to escape police. Look at his tweets below.

Now, for those watching the broadcast, things looked serious as Valencia was given oxygen and all. Take a look.

Did they really go that far to get him out, to make it seem like something so serious?

I have never seen anything like that. It's obvious that something is wrong when the police are running after a player. Now, we can't convict Valencia without knowing the full story. But one would hope that no soccer player, especially with the money they earn, would not be making child support payments. What a wild sight to see.

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