In the German Cup semifinals on Wednesday, Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt will wear a special edition "Black Lives Matter" jersey. The team aims to send "a clear signal against racism and xenophobia" with the Nike kits, they said in a statement.

Black Lives Matter ("Schwarze Leben zählen" in German) is a global organization aimed at fighting racism and police brutality. With protests occurring around the world in light of George Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer in May, many teams and leagues are pledging to help the cause. 

Athletes from around the world have shown their commitment to fighting racism in many ways, and Eintracht Frankfurt will do so with a message on their jerseys.

Here is a look at the kit, with the hashtag along the front:

Managing Director of Indeed Germany Frank Hensgens explained to how the team came up with the idea to wear the special kit:

"Due to the dramatic current development, we will use our global platform to stand against historical and current systemic racism, violence and hatred. We are proud to work with Eintracht Frankfurt, united in a common belief in the importance of diversity and inclusion and in an unshakeable resistance to racism. Surrendering the jersey chest to #blacklivesmatter is a clearly visible sign of our attitude against racism and our support for black people."

Eintracht sports director Fredi Bobic said he wants to be sure they use their platform to express their stance on the movement and on the current global issues.

"Everyone is there for everyone – in the field and outside. This should also be the case in our society, no matter where. As a team and as Eintracht Frankfurt, we stand together against all forms of racism and want to express this accordingly today," Bobic said.

Fans responded positively to the jerseys, and the team announced the shirts had sold out within hours of the reveal.