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Just as quickly as the idea arrived to get scorned to kingdom come, it was gone. The European Super League is dying in the water with several of the major clubs set to be involved in the new venture announced Tuesday that they would take no part in it. 

Naturally the celebrations among fans happened shortly after clubs began to announce their disassociation with the Super League. The most notable of these happened outside of Stamford Bridge with Chelsea supporters learning that their club would no longer be in the new league while protesting against it.

But that was to be expected given the incredible backlash that supporters of seemingly every club involved in the Super League expressed in every outlet they possibly could. One poll circulating found that as many as 79 percent of soccer fans opposed it, making the message as clear as possible: the fans never asked for this.

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As it turns out, many of the players didn't either. While they couldn't outwardly express their frustrations in the same way supporters could, they held that anger in as the clubs that sign their respective paychecks went ahead with this backdoor deal. How do we know this? Well when the death of the Super League was announced, many expressed their joy on social media. Here are some of the best posts from current and former players in response to the league's dissolution.