FC Cincinnati unveils its MLS crest and color scheme, along with a strangely complicated explanation

FC Cincinnati will be joining Major League Soccer in 2019, and the team now has a webpage. You can see it here.That page has everything you need to know about Football Club Cincinnati, including the team's crest, color scheme, alternate crests and core values.

Here's a look at what the crest looks like, along with the story behind its design.

The team's primary colors are orange and blue, whereas the secondaries will be gray, white and navy.

These should look pretty sleek on the field. Some of the crest things are actually nifty, like the lion's tail curving into a "C," the mane having Cincinnati's seven hills (if you've been to the Midwest, you know the ones), and the Queen City crown. This is a cornucopia for those "hidden messages in logos" quizzes people like to take.

The name explanation is also ... weirdly complicated. From the team site:

'Football Club Cincinnati' -- the team's full written name -- will take the field in MLS. The name is to be shortened to FC Cincinnati on first reference. 'FCC' is acceptable on second reference, as is 'FC Cincy' if necessary. 'FC' is not an acceptable reference at any time.

So, in summation, FC Cincinnati, FCC and FC Cincy are cool, but don't you dare call them FC.

All in all, the crest has a lot of cool homages and the blue and orange should look sleek on the field. All there is to wait for now is a kit unveiling.

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