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Veteran American soccer coach Bruce Arena is attempting to resume his career months after he was suspended by MLS for making "inappropriate and insensitive remarks" while he was in charge of the New England Revolution.

Arena has not coached a match since last July, when the league suspended him for the comments and opened up an investigation. He resigned from the job in September, shortly before MLS issued a statement saying investigators "confirmed certain of these allegations." The league also said that Arena "must first submit a petition to the commissioner" should he choose to seek employment again in the league.

The former U.S. men's national team coach said he was cleared by commissioner Don Garber in December, but claims MLS did not effectively communicate his status and so it only appeared that he was eligible to be employed in April.

"I've had conversations," he said on the latest episode of Kickin' It, CBS Sports Golazo Network's interview show, which airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET. "There was a little miscommunication, I think, in the league about my status. I was cleared in December and no one knew that …  I did talk to a couple of teams and I think some information wasn't communicated properly, but we'll leave it at that."

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Arena did not say which clubs he was in discussions with or how advanced those conversations were but teased that he may have interest in Europe.

"If I have a chance in Europe, I would consider going," he said. "There's a possibility I have. I don't know if it'll develop but I probably should've done that, when you look back."

The specifics around Arena's suspension remain unclear, both in terms of official communication from MLS and the Revolution as well as reporting on the topic. Arena also said he was unable to provide more information for legal reasons.

"If there's a time when I can legally do that, I would do it," he said about the details of his suspension. "I think the experience was hurtful."

When asked if he took responsibility for what happened as it pertains to his suspension, Arena answered in the affirmative.

"Yeah, you have to take responsibility for it but I think I have to be reserved in what I say," he said, "but I'll just say yes to your question, but I can't go into any detail."

It is still unclear what exactly Arena is taking responsibility for and if he took any corrective actions for the inappropriate and insensitive remarks he made. MLS has not officially commented on the reason behind Garber's decision to clear Arena to seek employment in the league.