Franck Ribery fined by Bayern Munich after vulgar response to eating Salt Bae's gold-covered steak

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No, that's not a headline born out of MadLibs. It's a real story, and it's pretty much just as weird as it sounds.

Bayern Munich levied a pretty hefty fine against star forward Franck Ribery over the weekend after Ribery posted some foul-mouth tweets in response to his "haters."

The story begins here, with Ribery dining out at a Dubai restaurant owned by the infamous "Salt Bae" -- that weird chef who gained viral fame and internet meme status thanks to his showy approach to cutting meat and sprinkling salt. All of that was put on display in this very awkward video shared by Ribery, who had the honors of doing the salt sprinkling this time around.

If you can get past the palpable stench of insufferable performance art, you also may notice that that's no normal steak on the table. That's a steak full of gold flakes -- a specialty dish that some said runs as much as $1,365 at Salt Bae's establishment. Plenty of people decided to respond to Ribery's video by chirping him about the boastful nature of the video, and he didn't respond well to those perceived haters.

Ribery said in French, "Let's start with the envious, the hateful, who have surely come through a condom with a hole. (Expletive) your mothers, your grandmothers and even your ancestors. I don't owe you anything. My success is down to God, myself and those close to me who believed in me. For the others, you are just pebbles in my socks."

Ribery said in another follow-up tweet: "To the pseudo-journalists who always criticized me, whenever I spend something (because I have learned to give when I earn a lot.) why is this not spread by one of the big national media? No, you prefer to speak about the holiday that I spend with my family. You scrutinize my movements and gestures, what I eat for example! Oh yes, you are here for this type of futility."

Well then, tell us how you really feel, Franck.

Bayern clearly wasn't pleased with their star's, um, candid choice of response and they quickly punished him with a "large fine" of an undisclosed amount of money.

"He used words that we as Bayern Munich cannot accept and that Franck as a role model, as a player of Bayern, should never use. I spoke with Franck for a long time yesterday and I informed him that he would receive a large fine. He accepted this fine," said Bayern sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic.

The club also clarified that Ribery didn't actually pay for the steak, as the dinner was comped as part of an ad campaign. 

In any case, free golden steak or not, it's always a bad look when an athlete is firing angry tweets toward critics, regardless of the situation.

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