Goalkeeper picks up fastest red card in Turkish soccer history 13 seconds into match

Red cards are common in soccer, but not in the opening seconds of a match. However, that was the scenario that played out during a Turkish soccer match recently. Konyaspor goalkeeper Serkan Kirintili played a ball outside of the box just 13 seconds in and received a red card for the blatant error in judgment.

In doing so, Kirintiliset set a Super League record for the fastest red card ever, according to Deadspin.

Following the red card, the Turkish goalkeeper looked upset with himself as he removed his jersey while exiting the field.

This is one of the stranger red cards that you'll ever see. Sure, a member of the opposing team was within striking distance as the ball was played back to Kirintili. However, the keeper had to know where he was on the field. He clearly didn't and touched the ball outside of the box.

Usually, a red card comes is handed out for an aggressive play and it's in a situation where it's understandable why the player would make a risky move. However, this one is a real head-scratcher, considering that Kirintili could've attempted to knock the ball away rather than grabbing it completely.

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