Here's something you've probably never seen. In the Netherlands' top amateur league, Derde Divisie, Harkemase Boys beat HSV Hoek 4-2 on Saturday, but one of the goals conceded by the winners wasn't scored by the other team, nor was it even an own goal. The referee knocked the ball into the goal after a cross shot from the left hit a defender and then hit him. 

Take a look:

Now, that's obviously not deliberate. It's hilarious and strange to see, but the referee is in play. If the ball hits him, where it lands it is live. I've just never seen it end up in the goal. You can argue that the ref didn't need to be that close, but you'll notice he doesn't have another official on the endline to help out. So he had to get as close as he could to determine if the ball went over the line after the initial shot. A tough way to concede, but at least they'll have quite the story to tell their grandchildren.

Players certainly get upset when the ball hits the ref, especially when it comes to an important pass into space, but it's part of the game. Changing it to a dead ball spot kick doesn't solve it, because it would then have ruined the attacking opportunity of HSV. A goal is a goal, no matter how strange that one seems.

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