Injured Brazilian soccer player has his foot run over by medical cart before he's stretchered off the field

Remember the old Madden ambulance that would just bully its way onto the field and demolish everything and everyone in its path?

Well that kind of happened in real life earlier this week in a Brazilian soccer match between Trindade AC and Flamengo's U20 teams. Trindade's Bernardo was lying on the pitch in pain in the 20th minute of Sunday's Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior match, when the medical cart ran over his foot on its way out to help.

It probably did a bit more harm than good.

The clip is a masterpiece, as one of the announcers immediately starts cackling when it happens. The driver himself also gets a good chuckle out of it. It's funny, but they could at least feign a little sympathy.

Bernardo was fine, regarding both injuries. Though it can't have felt nice, those tires are pretty small. He was back on the pitch before the match was over, and Trindade won 1-0. Even on the way off the pitch, you can see Bernardo putting his face in hands as if to say "this wasn't worth it at all."

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