Italy has a player named Kevin Lasagna starting against the U.S. men's national team, and Twitter is eating it up

Fresh off a 3-0 loss to England, the United States men's national team hit Belgium on Tuesday for its final soccer game of 2018, a showdown with Italy.

Anyone tuning in for USA's international friendly (you can stream the match on fuboTV) got themselves dinner with their show, however, thanks to a specific striker playing for Roberto Mancini's squad.

It turns out that a Udinese veteran was called up to Italy's national team after an injury in October. He made his debut in a UEFA Nations League match. He took the field against the Americans on Tuesday. And his name is Kevin Lasagna.

Lasagna's story is rather profound considering he ascended from amateur football to international competition in a matter of four years, but it's his name that made waves upon Italy's clash with USA. And who can blame the people responsible for that? I mean, how often have you ever known a Kevin Lasagna? Imagine the family this guy could have -- Larry Lasagna, Lindsey Lasagna, etc.

In any event, Twitter absolutely ate this Lasagna up, wondering just how everyone's favorite Italian dish found its way into a soccer game:

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