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As the season winds down in the Brazilian Serie A, the title race is becoming tense as Palmeiras have now drawn within three points of league leaders Botafogo following a 4-3 victory on Wednesday. It was a match that saw Botafogo go ahead by three goals at halftime before Palmerias stormed back scoring four goals in the second half which included a brace by Endrick and two goals scored after the 90th minute. Things descended into chaos with 11 cards handed out in the second half including a red card to Botafogo center back Adryelson which saw the club's American owner John Textor snap in a post-game interview. 

"The whole world saw, that is not a red card. He got the ball first. If it's even a foul I'm not sure, that is not a red card. He changed the game," Textor said of the referee. "This is corruption, this is theft. Please fine me Ednaldo [Rodrigues] (Brazilian Football Confederation president) but you need to resign tomorrow morning. That's what needs to happen. This championship has become a joke. Nobody deserves this.

"These players for Palmeiras, they don't want to win this way. We don't want to lose this way. It's like five games in a row. Gentlemen, you played a good game. It's not your fault but this is f------ corruption. This has to change and Ednaldo you need to resign for the good of the game. it has to be over now. This is theft, you can fine me, you can red card me. It's my stadium, I'll still be here."

Botofogo did miss a penalty in the 83rd minute that could've tied the match.

As for Textor, there is a recent history of match fixing as back in May, 16 people were charged for their involvement in a match fixing scheme that saw five current players in the league suspended due to their involvement.

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Even Colorado Rapids player Max Alves in Major League Soccer was suspended due to being part of this scheme. Brazil took this as a chance to work on laws regulating sports gambling to avoid situations like this happening in the future, but when accusations of match fixing now come into the title race, it can get quite hairy with a large fine surely headed Textor's way.