Jose Mourinho celebrates Manchester United's game-winning Champions League goal by throwing a fit on the sideline

It took over 90 minutes, but Manchester United finally got on the board against Young Boys to win 1-0 on Tuesday to clinch a spot in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. Jose Mourinho's squad has taken some lumps of late, coming off a draw against Crystal Palace heading into this match, but a good, tough win over Young Boys was exactly what the team needed to get back on track, right?

Well, based on Mourinho's reaction to Marouane Fellaini's stoppage time goal, not exactly. In fact, Mourinho didn't seem happy at all.

Kicking the one set of water bottles wasn't enough, he had to throw another set into the fence. So what does it mean? Is he celebrating? Is he angry? Did the water bottles ask to be transferred?

With Mourinho, no one really knows, but one thing is for sure. He sure has been a successful coach.

"Most important thing is to qualify for Champions League, 14 times, never have one of my teams stayed behind," Mourinho said after the match.

But, he added, his success doesn't stop with appearances.

"For some of my lovers, I just want to say for the ones that like stats - 14 season in the [Champions League], 14 times qualify through the group phases ... the season I didn't play Champions League, I won the Europa League," he said.

Mourinho has pointed to his accomplishments a few times lately. Last August, he snapped talking about his Premier League success too.

"It also means three Premierships, and I won more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together," Mourinho said before storming out of a presser. "Three for me, two for them. Respect. Respect. Respect. Respect."

Why Mourinho is so set on living in the past is curious, and his frustration on the bench for the Red Devils seems to be coming to a head. The team just hasn't played up to its expected level of late, and Mourinho seems to be fully aware of as much. Even with a win on Wednesday, Mourinho doesn't seem content. Up next for Manchester United is a Saturday matchup at Southampton at 12:30 p.m. ET, which you can stream on fuboTV (Try for free).

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