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Manchester United vs. Chelsea on Saturday was a wild, intense match that gifted fans four goals. But it also produced an ugly moment involving Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho before the final whistle. The Portuguese manager went after a Chelsea assistant who appeared taunting near the Manchester United bench following Ross Barkley's last-minute equalizer at Stamford Bridge. Let's break it down.

Chelsea member sticking it to Mou

It all took place after Barkley made it 2-2 in the 96th minute to earn the draw. Chelsea had reasons to celebrate getting a point from a match where it didn't look sharp. As a result of the Blues remaining undefeated in league play, assistant Marco Ianni celebrated with a fist pump in Mourinho's face.

When he returned, he kept going

So after celebrating, Ianni had to pass Mourinho to get back to the bench. Now, it's unclear if something was said to Mou in addition to the fist pump, but the coach gave it to Mourinho again:

You crossed the line

You can even see those behind Mourinho, including Sergio Romero, get up in anticipation of what was to come. That's when Mourinho went after him:

Wild scenes at Stamford Bridge. Celebrating is fine, but what Ianni did left him looking immature and it shines an ugly light on the club.

For Mourinho, the frustration has been building with the team's poor start to the season, and he also has to react better. But he has a reason to be upset, there's just a better way of handling it. You know, like Mourinho usually does, mocking the person when talking to the media like he did time and time again with Arsene Wenger. 

After the match, Mourinho said Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri apologized on behalf of the club. 

Next meeting

In case you are curious, the two teams are set to play each other on the weekend of April the 27th, 2019. They could meet earlier in the FA Cup, but whenever they do play, if Jose Mourinho is in charge, get your popcorn ready.

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