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It turns out matching Xavi for most games in Barcelona's history wasn't the only amazing thing Lionel Messi would do on Monday. Against Huesca in La Liga play, Messi scored a brilliant, must-see goal to take the lead early in the first half. 

The Argentine received the ball from Sergio Busquets, made a couple moves to get a little bit of space and put home a ridiculous strike that didn't even hit the back of the net. Watch as Messi uses his signature left foot to hit a ball into the upper corner off the crossbar, bouncing down and past the line:

That was special. The pace, the precision and his balance were all perfect. And, truthfully, the fact that the ball hit the crossbar and went in makes it even that much better than just a regular upper-90 hit. That goal gives his team a boost in a game they really need to win as they look to stay within striking distance of La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid.