Barcelona's Leo Messi Testifies In Fraud Case
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Jorge Messi, the father of Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, is set to meet with Barcelona about his son's ongoing transfer saga with the club, Fabrizio Romano reports on CBS Sports HQ. He will reportedly arrive in Europe on Sunday to discuss the situation involving his son's contract.

The biggest logistical hurdle at this moment in the Messi transfer request saga is the question of whether he'll be able to leave the club for free. In other words, it's a question of whether Barcelona can charge an exorbitant fee for arguably the greatest player in the world, or even just deny his move outright. 

Messi's burofax sent to Barcelona on Tuesday mentioned he would invoke a clause in his contract -- which was renewed in 2017 -- that would allow him to walk away from the club for free. The club, however, points out that a certain amount of notice must be given on such a decision, and they claim that that time period expired back in June. As one can safely assume Jorge Messi will be advocating for his son, this is most likely what will be discussed.

If all goes according to plan for the Messis, the likeliest landing spot for the Argentine superstar will be Manchester city, who have been working on an appropriate contract for him to pass financial fair play regulations, and perhaps even get him to play for MLS club NYCFC at the end of his career. Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu is reportedly ready to step down from his position if Messi stays, but it's not likely that'll sway the player's mind.