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Liverpool's Premier League title celebration could come this week, on a day in which thee team doesn't even play. The Reds beat Crystal Palace 4-0 on Wednesday and could potentially win the league on Thursday for the first time in 30 years. That scenario depends on what Manchester City does against Chelsea.

Here's Liverpool's schedule and how the Reds can win the league:

Liverpool's remaining Premier League schedule

  • Liverpool 0, Everton 0 (6/21)
  • Liverpool 4, Crystal Palace 0 (6/24)
  • July 2: at Manchester City
  • July 5: vs. Aston Villa
  • July 8: at Brighton
  • July 11: vs. Burnley
  • July 15: at Arsenal
  • July 18: vs. Chelsea
  • July 26: at Newcastle

Scenarios to win the league

  • A Manchester City loss or draw on Thursday vs. Chelsea


  • Earn two more points

What's the earliest the team can win the league?

The absolute earliest is Thursday. But for that to happen, Chelsea has to beat or tie second-place Manchester City. If that doesn't happen, then the next earliest date is July 2 at Manchester City. The club cannot win it this weekend since there is no Premier League play with the FA Cup returning.

How many points does Liverpool need on its own?

Not factoring in anything that Manchester City does, two more points will do it. So they are just a couple draws or a win away from lifting the trophy.