Cristiano Ronaldo was in full focus mode. How could he not be just minutes before Portugal played Wales in the Euro 2016 semifinal showdown?

But even he knew what happened was absolutely hilarious. During pregame and before both teams lined up for the traditional team photo, two individuals working inside the stadium -- on the field to be exact -- interupted the festivities to meet the Portuguese superstar. One crashed the team photo and the other scored a selfie.

One got a hug and Ronaldo just couldn't contain himself.

Ronaldo may be all smiles, but UEFA probably won't be pleased. We've seen the federation fine nations for fans invading the pitch, but now people they employ are doing the same.

I mean, the guys have on what looks to be official Euro 2016 clothing, with the logo on the sleeve shirt and pant leg. I hope losing their job was worth the chance of meeting Ronaldo.

Heck, if it is a temporary job that ends at the conclusion of the tournament, what is there to lose? YOLO.

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