Cristiano Ronaldo wins on the field, as we all know. But he wins off of it with his efforts to help children around the world. Ambassador for Save the Children, Ronaldo continues to use his social media accounts as a positive platform to inform his millions of fans about the problems around the world that kids face, encouraging them to do what they can to help.

The latest was on Friday, the five-year anniversary of a camp opening up the north of Jordan to help deal with the sudden influx of refugees who fled conflict and unimaginable conditions inside Syria. The conflicts inside of Syria have resulted in many kids missing years of school, which the Real Madrid superstar realizes the importance of.

"This year, Cristiano, Jr. completed grade one. I saw how much he learned. Then I thought of all the refugee kids who missed school this year. Some have missed years. School trains you for life, and the longer you are out of training, the harder it is to get back in the game. All refugee children have the potential for greatness, and to get there, they need to be in school," Ronaldo said in a press release.

Ronaldo also posted this message to his social media accounts.

Save the Children provides learning support for 200,000 children across Jordan. This summer, Save the Children will also take up the 'Back to School' campaign, alongside UNICEF, aiming to identify out-of-school children and return them back to school.

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