Barcelona won 3-2 at Valencia on Saturday in La Liga, but did Barca deserve the win? Lionel Messi scored twice and Luis Suarez had one, but it is that first goal that has people talking.

Messi scored in the first half, firing low where Suarez was standing in an offisde position. Take a look:

When Messi shoots it, it goes under a jumping Suarez who was clearly offside. But it should have been called. Last year, the International FA Board introduced a new rule where a player in an offside position should be penalized if they make an obvious action that clearly impacts the ability of the opponent to play the ball.

Suarez was, as per Law 11, Article 2, "preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent's line of vision."

In this case, Suarez is a shield in front of Alves, and it delays him from seeing the ball. Shouldn't have been a goal, but it was awarded and Barca is now in first place.

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