LOOK: Soccer club in Argentina embedding microchips in fans

It what is one of the weirdest, most unbelievable soccer stories in quite a while, an Argentine soccer club says it will be providing season tickets through a chip that is implanted into a person's arm. Really. Tigre announced its "Passion Ticket" on Twitter on Monday. 

The text on the left of the above image reads:

Through a chip implanted in the body with all the information of the season ticket holder, the fan can enter the stadium by only moving close to the ticket scanner. This will read the information of the implanted chip, and if the fan has their payments up to date, the security gate will open to provide access to the corresponding section of the stadium.

As you can imagine, fans of the club are doubting the validity of the tweet, wondering why something like fingerprints won't be used, why go to the length of implanting chips? Argentine soccer isn't loaded with money, especially a small club like Tigre, so it makes little sense and I'm still not convinced it is true, but that's what the club is saying at the moment.

That is so weird. But is it as weird as Lionel Messi being filmed eating breakfast with a fork when the only person who would use that utensil to eat a cracker covered in dulce de leche is Mr. Pitt from Seinfeld?

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Umm, what? (Twitter screengrab)

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