Man. United's Marouane Fellaine gets hit in the face; immediately becomes a meme

In the modern age, nothing embarrassing can happen without being captured on camera. Also in the modern age, nothing can get captured on camera without being run into the ground. So it shouldn't come as a shock to Marouane Fellaine that, after a picture was posted of him get wrecked in the face by a soccer ball during Tuesday's Super Cup loss to Real Madrid, the internet was all over it.

Fellaine was a good sport about the shot, even after some intrepid internet residents took to Photoshop for their own take on the brutal shot.

There was one person that didn't quite seem to grasp synonyms, or grasped them a bit too well.

Another posted a picture of their take on how Fellaini would fare in a good old fashioned boxing match.

And a not topical but somehow topical representation of Fellaini's Hall of Fame bust.

All-in-all, there's no question that Fellaini has had better days. Luckily he's a good sport about the whole thing. Not that he has a choice when the whole internet is in assault mode.

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