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A Brazilian soccer player has been punished with an eight-game ban after his stripped-down goal celebration caused a brawl to break out on the pitch in December. Winger Emerson Carioca ripped off his shirt and dropped his shorts after he scored a game-winner against Marica to send his club, Sampaio Correa, into the Carioca Championship -- Rio de Janeiro's annual soccer competition. 

The naked celebration and ensuing on-field fight happened in December, but the punishment only just came down this week. To give an idea of how much time has passed, Emerson left Sampaio Correa to join a different club, Portuguesa Carioca.

Even though the badge on his chest has changed, the ban will still stand, however. The league found that he not only participated in "any conduct contrary to sports discipline or ethics," he also was involved "in a brawl, conflict or turmoil, during a match." His club is appealing the decision, according to Globo Esporte.

What really triggered the brawl was that Emerson waved his genitals at his opponents during the nude celebration. The winger claims it was in response to the racial abuse he experienced in recent matches from Marica's players and coaches. A near birds-eye view of the fight was posted in December.

"Marica's people have been slandering me for the past three matches I've played against them," he said. "They've called me a slob, an alcoholic and a fat monkey. I was annoyed at what went on."

Emerson did go on to apologize for the incident.