Neymar catches heat for a tweet that pays homage to Stephen Hawking

The only thing that appears to be bigger than Neymar's ego is people's perception of Neymar's ego. In the wake of the passing of Stephen Hawking at 76 years old late Tuesday, Neymar shared a photo of himself in a wheelchair on Twitter that is causing quite a stir. 

Neymar, who is currently on the mend from a broken bone in his foot suffered against Marseilles on Feb. 26, also quoted Hawking in the tweet. which had people asking the important question: Does Neymar think an injured foot makes him Stephen Hawking?

Oh, that's it? Never mind, it's not an important question, because the answer is: Probably not, but that didn't stop all the hot takes on social media about it. Here's just a taste of the ones that we can print:

That last one reads, "reading the comments." And that's what it looked like out there for sure. 

Translated from Portuguese, the Hawking quote Neymar used reads: "One has to have a positive attitude and must make the best of the situation that one finds oneself in."

Somehow, this became a big deal, with people saying that Neymar was comparing his foot injury to Hawking's lifelong battle with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Neymar's eccentricities are well-documented. But this tweet has no indication of a comparison, nor is it saying "Look at me, and shower me with praise. For I have battled twice as many demons as Stephen Hawking ever had to."

The Paris Saint-Germain star is a lightning-rod for attention. He drew criticism for how he handled his departure from Barcelona, and FC Barcelona eventually sued Neymar for his contract renewal bonus plus damages. Ever since, peopled have loved hating him for having the audacity to post pictures of himself smiling while quoting a positive message.

Neymar is expected to be recovered from his surgery in May, and he shouldn't have a problem come World Cup season for Brazil. He is also expected to have six more incidents of people overreacting to minor things in that span.

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